Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Seed” Recap & Review


The Surprise Pregnancy

Episode 6 of Green Frontier begins in the past with Joseph in hospital, not dead but recovering from the poison. We also see that he was actually a Nazi and tells his superior that the people in the jungle are able to manipulate the human consciousness. We then see how Raquel met Ushe and initially took her under her wing at the church. They end up getting close and teach one another their own knowledge; Rachel tells her all about god and Ushe about her healing powers and the jungle.

Back in the present, while the sisters perform a ceremony around Ushe’s body, Helena, with the help of Reynaldo, decides to get rid of Uribe’s body in the river. She later tells him she has been having visions of Ushe and that she helped her find her way through the jungle.

We then flashback again to Ushe in the market meeting a white woman, Aura, who was trying to buy some plants but is advised not to as it will harm her baby. Aura replies that she is not pregnant. The next day, she comes back and tells Ushe that she went to the doctor and they confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. She invites her to her house for a drink where she meets Aura’s husband, Joachim, and it’s here that we realize they’re Helena’s parents.

When she visits them, Joaquim tells her that 4 years ago he came across people from her tribe. She tells him that she was taken with others and enslaved. This shocks him as it was 60 years ago and Ushe looks about 20. She goes back to the church and Raquel tells her that people have started talking because she doesn’t talk, sleep or have her period. She then tells her that her place is not there and goes back to the Pavados.

As they walk in the jungle learning about plants, Aura starts having cramps and bleeds. The doctor comes and tells them that she is losing the baby. Ushe tells him that the baby could be saved but that she would need to make a big sacrifice to become eternal. She agrees and goes through the same ritual Ushe did in the past.

In the present, Helena and Reynaldo come back to find that Yua is missing. The episode then ends with the Pavado’s baby being born and we see the lab again with the beating heart, but this time connected to Joseph. As he twitches, he finds himself in the mystical jungle dimension.

This episode focuses more on Ushe’s past and her connection with Helena. How it all ties together has been skillfully handled thanks to the clever twist with Ushe being the reason why Helena was born. Green Frontier’s second half has definitely improved compared to the first half and while still a little slow, each episode does give us more revelations and answers. However, as a personal anecdote it would have been nice to receive more backstory into Yua’s past.

With just two episodes to go, the show is setting itself up for a finale where the truth behind the house fire should come out and the confrontation with Joseph and his tribe will probably be the main focus of it.


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