Green Frontier – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Death” Recap & Review


A Link To The Nazis

Episode 5 of Green Frontier begins in a strange lab with an unusual machine hooked up to a lone beating heart. We then see Ushe freeing Yua after poisoning the doctor. Just as they are about to escape, the Ya’arikawas realize what has happened and start shooting fire arrows at the huts where the other Arupanis are staying. Ushe wants to go and save them but Yua stops her, making them disappear into the mystic dimension of the jungle. She is angry at him as she doesn’t want to let them die but he replies that there is nothing they can do.

Back in the present and to Efrain who tells Helena that they found Yua near the bodies, but they haven’t managed to make him talk. She asks to interrogate him in exchange for leaving Efrain to get on with his business undisturbed. Reynaldo arrives at the camp and Helena confronts him. He tells her he was acting under the orders of Uribe and that he threatened his wife and community. Helena and Reynaldo then leave for the mainland with a dying Yua, who asks for Ushe.

Helena later finds a passage in her parent’s book with a drawing of Yua called The Eternal Slave. Reynaldo then tells her of a myth about a man who has survived many generations of slavery. His owners used to beat him, accusing him of witchcraft. Yua then takes her hands and communicates with her telepathically. He tells her that the world is in danger and there are many secrets in the heart of the jungle. He also explains that if you control the heart, you control the body and that the doctor, Joseph, has stolen the key to get into the secret place. He is the white demon.

In the past, Ushe wakes up still angry at Yua for letting their people die. She thinks they should have died with them to which he replies that they saved the knowledge of the jungle and that their connection is the most sacred element. Angry, she leaves him and starts walking through the jungle.

Helena arrives at the police station soon after and calls her office for back up as she fears for her life. She then goes through newspaper archives and finds out that European migrants came to the Colombian-Brazilian border to escape the war in the 1940’s, around the same time the first church of the sisters of charity opens. She also learns that a Nazi expedition of scientists, one of them being Joseph Schultz, came and that the religious community hosted them.

She later visits Raquel again and he finally admits that she knew Ushe, who came to them and changed their lives. Raquel also decides to show Helena a picture of her parents with Ushe and tells her that she was very close to them.

The episode then ends with Helena being attacked by Uribe as she gets back to her apartment. Fortunately, Reynaldo arrives just in time to save her and kills Uribe in cold blood.

As we reach the second half of Green Frontier, we are given more hints into Yua and Ushe’s troubled past but also a deeper connection between Helena and Ushe. These little details added during each episode help to build up the character relationships and work well to give their personas more depth.

There’s been been some really nice twists as well, with the inclusion of Nazis being present one of the more prolific examples. Quite a few questions remain regarding the mystery though but it looks like Green Frontier will be resolving most of them with each episode to come. Given Netflix have named this a limited series, I think it’s safe to assume we should be receiving a more conclusive ending here rather than leaving things open unnecessarily for a second season.


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