Green Day – One Eyed Bastard | Single Review

With poppy hooks, Green Day’s new single One Eyed Bastard roars intensely, pushing the band through the motions, crashing firmly as one of the band’s catchiest tunes, though it doesn’t quite make the grade as a game changer. From the start, the song becomes this breakneck riff-charged sonic output, creating a different angle to the act’s catalogue.  

The riff is infectious and Billie Joe Armstrong sneers and sings about a vendetta and the loss of love. He uses his voice as an anchor, gifting us with a story that is full-blooded and certainly thought-provoking. His lyrics have always been evocative and discerning, and here he’s a man on a mission to change perceptions.  

The song isn’t long, but it packs a lot in, and the band seem to be having fun rather than pushing themselves to the bone musically. One Eyed Bastard isn’t going to set standards, as it isn’t the best Green Day track, though it still catches the attention.  

We don’t know if the rest of the album has better songs. Recent single Dilemma did push the band to the limits, while still sticking to the formula well, though if you’re seeking a song bigger than American Idiot, then you’ll not find it here.  

One Eyed Bastard has the elements of a good punk song, a track which shouldn’t really be as single, but it has its moments, where you’ll feel energised and ready to face the world.  

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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