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Great Pretender is the latest anime offering on Netflix. It’s quite simply a marvelous series and with a whole array of characters, we break down exactly who all the main cast are and how they slot into the story. As a side note, the voice cast here detail the original Japanese actors rather than the English dubbing counter-parts.

Of course, everything here is completely spoiler-free too!

Makoto Edamura (Chiaki Kobayashi)

Makoto is the main character of Great Pretender and the self-proclaimed greatest con-man in Japan. He finds himself wrapped up in various different schemes with Laurent. However, he does have a moral code, with disdain toward drugs and drug taking.

Laurent Thierry (Junichi Suwabe)

Laurent is the suave trickster who has Makoto’s number – at least early on in the series. He whisks Makoto up across the globe and recruits him to the cause. Despite his various tricks, he has faith in Makoto’s abilities as a con-man.

Abigail Jones (Natsumi Fujiwara)

Tough and deadly, Abigail has a gruff facade but later on down the line we learn more about why she is that way. During the middle set of part 1’s episodes, we understand exactly what drives her and this really helps build up her character.

“Pola Dickens” (Mie Sonozaki)

Dickens is an FBI agent hot on the heels of Laurent and his gang. She comes into the game late during Case 1 but does she have a hidden agenda? We won’t spoil anything here but suffice to say, all is not what it seems with her.


Kudou is Makoto’s former boss and accompanies him throughout the first 14 episodes. He’s used as comic relief a lot of the time but he does help get Makoto out of a tough spot on more than one occasion. 

So there we have it, that’s our list of the main characters that show up in Part 1 of Great Pretender. There are more supporting characters of course – including the targets for different cases – but these are the main ones we follow across the 14 episodes.

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