Great Expectations (2023) – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Compeyson arrives at Joe and Sara’s house in search of a place to stay as episode 6 of Great Expectations begins. He departs after being informed that Pip is anticipated to arrive and stay in his room shortly.

Wemmick shows up to inform Jaggers that his goods ship sank the night before. Although disappointing, Jaggers stays optimistic and decides he’s going to take advantage of this. he instructs Wemmick to inform Pip of the news.

Miss Havisham pushes Estella to look for somebody to fix the place after the storm destroys it. Estella claims to have met a person named Magwitch, who told her certain things. She tears Miss Havisham’s dress and refuses to speak to the heartbroken bride. Thereafter, she goes on to say that Magwitch claimed everything would change following the present day.

Wemmick locates Pip and informs him of the lost cargo. Pip expresses his sadness for those involved, but Wemmick claims that it won’t be beneficial to him and Jaggers. When Pip questions Wemmick about exactly how much of his wealth they put into the business, he replies, “All of it”.

Pip tied a rope and jumped off the bridge at the start of the first episode. At this point, of the episode, we circle back to this part. Wemmick, however, cuts the rope with his knife to keep Pip from dying when he jumps.

When Miss Havisham shows up to see Magwitch, the latter reveals he came back to track down and murder Compeyson.

Wemmick quickly returns to Jaggers to let him know that he had found Pip, but has subsequently lost him. He is assured by Jaggers that the family will be informed. As Jaggers rides a boat towards the water, he calls out for Pip. A short while later, Pip wakes up on a ship and returns to his house. Despite not seeing his loved ones, Pip works on various projects around Joe’s Blacksmith shop.

Pip is there when Jaggers shows up to have a conversation with Pip’s family. As Pip opts to stay behind with Joe, the conversation does not turn out as Jaggers had hoped.

Pip goes to meet with Biddy. He claims to have changed his ways and evolved into the kind of man he was always meant to be. Despite her reservations about Pip, Biddy opens up and admits that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Jaggers leaves Pip and goes to the pub where he discovers Compeyson is present. After catching up with Joe as well as his sister, Pip storms out of the house when they reveal Compeyson’s visit and his fascination with Pip. The time has come for Magwitch to kill Compeyson, so he takes Pip and leaves to find Jaggers.

Estella and Pip spend time together. When she woos him and inquires whether he is in love, he answers by saying yes. Thereafter, she asserts that she isn’t in love with him. She states that she ought to wed a man who loves her, but she herself does not love. She implies that Pip is the ideal man for her because he fits that description.

Compeyson has already left the bar when Jaggers and Magwitch enter. He has a conversation with Miss Havisham and requests a portion of her gold. She grabs his gun from him as they kiss and discovers that it isn’t loaded. When Compeyson and Magwitch start fighting, Magwitch is killed. Compeyson then fights with Pip but in the end, Miss Havisham kills Compeyson with a gun.

Estella informs Pip that he didn’t finish the proposal as the house begins to burn. She claims to be immune to love, so he tells her that she must marry another person who is on an equal footing to her, hands the ring back and then turns to leave.

In the presence of their loved ones, Pip and Biddy get married. Additionally, Estella and Jaggers are present as well. As the season comes to an end, Jaggers and Estella, as well as Pip and Biddy, are seen dancing together.

The Episode Review

In this episode, a great deal of events transpire very dramatically. This episode is undoubtedly the finest of the bunch and delivers everything we could possibly want from a series finale, including the demise of a character and the beginning of an exciting new relationship. Additionally, every character is intricately broken down in this episode, giving them room to grow if the show is revived for another season.

As a whole, the period drama turned out to be an adaptation that successfully translated the dark and gloomy contents of Dickens’ book to the screen, both conceptually and visually.

However, this book-to-screen adaptation falls short of fully capturing the nuance, depth and complexity of Dickens’ novel too. It’s clear though that Knight has gone above and beyond to create a thoughtful and credible show that is worth watching.

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