Great Expectations (2023) – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Pip starts smoking and has some hallucinations at the beginning of Great Expectations episode 5. Before the smoke takes effect, Jaggers tells him that they’ve got business to take care of. Jaggers informs him that Drummle needs to sign over his share as they are on the road to collect the stuff.

However, as they move about, a man grabs Pip and presses a knife on him. It’s here that we learn Compeyson desires what Pip possesses. Pip strikes him and manages to escape.

Herbert is summoned to Miss Havisham’s residence. She informs Herbert of the fact that Estella has declined to disclose her intended wedding date. As a consequence, she is introducing Herbert himself as her alternative choice of husband.

Drummle hangs out with Jaggers and Pip, who make the most of his weakness by getting him drunk. He signs the legal documents and Jaggers achieves his goal.

Herbert is put to the test by Miss Havisham. She watches him dance with Estella and after, Estella tells Miss Havisham how she is going to wed Herbert, thus ensuring that she can forget about her previous choice. Miss Havisham is furious and yells at Estella while she is storming off.

Jaggers and Pip have a lengthy back-and-forth discussion about Compeyson. Jaggers informs Pip he has been sworn to secrecy while the latter demands information. Pip declares to the whole world that Drummle will shortly be eliminated from the picture, ensuring that he and Estella will be linked together.

Joe shows up when he gets home to talk. Whilst there, Joe attempts to articulate his worries, but Pip is unconcerned. Pip snaps at him because he’s irritated, telling him that he will soon become an incredibly wealthy gentleman.

Joe clarifies that Estella said Pip should return home and wed Biddy. Pip doubts him and suggests he go back home and inform everybody that he won’t be coming back.

Jaggers has grown worried about Pip and his security while all this is going on. As a consequence, Jaggers asks Wemmick to take Pip to a location that ensures he will be protected from any potential problems

When Compeyson gets to Pip’s house, he finds Herbert there, whom he then starts interrogating about Pip’s whereabouts. However, Jaggers shows up with a weapon to Compeyson’s head as he prepares to pull the trigger. He grabs him, and then the scene shifts to Estella, who appears to be on the brink of committing suicide. She is stopped though by Magwitch, who breaks the news that he’s actually her father.

Jaggers and Compeyson fight over Magwitch’s decision to give Pip the entire robbery proceeds. Jaggers starts to clarify that Magwitch instructed him to do that. He was told to take him to London when he grew up and make him a proper gentleman. He then orders him to walk away and leave the kid alone before knocking him out.

Estella starts to doubt Magwitch and wonders why she should put her faith in him. She demands he provide evidence that he’s aware of her identity. He tells her personal stories concerning him and his mom as the episode comes to a close, instructing her to inform Miss Havisham that this is the moment when everything changes.

The Episode Review

We are getting much closer to the season’s ending. This episode reveals Estella’s wedding plans and it hints at the fate of her bond with Miss Havisham. Drummle’s part in the corruption plot hatched by Pip and Jaggers is also revealed here too.

There were many layers to this episode, and it’s clear that it’s leading us to a more specific place. Nevertheless, the show still doesn’t feel like it’s sufficiently advanced because several storylines are presented parallel to one another without much coherence. That could end up being the most common criticism of this show among by the very end.

The actors do a great job playing their respective roles though, which adds to the show’s appeal, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens next!

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