Great Expectations (2023) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Estella has a dream in which she runs away from the house to avoid Miss Havisham at the start of Great Expectations episode 4. Havisham is not happy as she vents to Estella, telling her that she spent the entire night cleaning and pressing her outfits because Estella’s scheduled appointment with Mr. Drummle is extremely important.

When Drummle and Pip interact, Drummle mentions that he will be meeting his future spouse that day. Since Pip understands that it’s Estella, this evokes certain feelings in him.

That night, Pip gets rather drunk in a bar. Thereafter, a man starts to fight him but thankfully Jaggers shows up to save the day. We quickly understand that everything is a setup. Pip unintentionally fires the gun out of nervousness, and it nearly hits Jaggers. Pip keeps pressing him, but Jaggers doesn’t seem to mind and maintains his position. Estella notices Pip as she enters the space to speak with Drummle and is a little startled by it.

In the meantime, we learn that Miss Havisham and Drummle merely consented to a thirty-minute discussion, where we hear some awkward dialogue between them. Drummle raises his tone to warn her that she should keep her attention on him after noticing that her gaze frequently shifts to Pip. The two have a somewhat odd meeting during which Drummle asserts his dominance over the situation.

Estella is told by Pip in the carriage that she cannot wed Drummle. She warns him though, that if she fails to do so Miss Havisham will disown her. When Pip exits the carriage, Estella begins to cry.

Estella goes back to see Joe and informs him of the fact Pip does not appear well in London. She continues by advising him to pen a letter so he can call him home.

Estella travels to interact with Biddy while she is still in the city. Because she senses that she has fallen in love with Pip, she must convince him to stop loving her. Despite the fact that everybody thinks Estella is heartless, she goes to Pip’s village to rescue him before it is too late.

Estella practices her dance moves, when Miss Havisham approaches her. She goes on to ask her who she is performing with, and she admits that it’s the blacksmith boy. She goes on to say that not out of love for him but rather in spite of Miss Havisham.

A sizable shipment of opium is arriving at the docks. Jaggers is trying to negotiate with a woman when he decides he is going to collect it all. Pip was unable to stay for very long because of his ongoing struggles in the city, while Jaggers claims that London is going to either transform or destroy him after the deals are completed. Pip believes that it is going to be the former.

The Episode Review

All of our primary characters are brought together within this episode. Estella and Pip are primarily the centerpieces; the former travels to London so she can meet her future spouse, and the latter struggles to make money to ensure that he is present in Estella’s life in some capacity.

The novel’s occurrences are drastically dramatized in the episode and the show as a whole as well, but this only strengthens the plot visually.

In this episode, Estella and Miss Havisham, who are similar yet polar opposites in numerous ways, shine a bright light on the underlying themes of loneliness, alienation, and being trapped, making for a really enjoyable watch.

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