Great Expectations (2023) – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Estella is searching for Pip at the beginning of Great Expectations episode 3 after he passes out at the tavern. Pip freaks out when Jaggers unloads a chilled water bucket all over him. Pip puts the knife on Jaggers as he starts to doubt his motives, but Jaggers overpowers him. Jaggers advises him to take a seat if he wants $5,000, a job in his practice, and the affections of the woman he fancies. Thereafter, Jaggers informs him that he must either accompany him to London immediately or return the check.

Pip uncovers a letter on his horse that reads, “Turn around, Pip, do not go with him,” after agreeing to accompany him. However, Pip decides to ride along all the same, where Jaggers starts to explain the arrangement of the land.

Jaggers seems to have a great deal of authority as they move through the town, with laborers all over the place doing their job. The chief justice can be seen hanging from the ceiling as Jaggers and Pip walk into his workplace. Jaggers fabricates the chief justice’s signature and wants Pip to verify it as an eyewitness owing to his obligation to assist his clients.

As the two enter, several men come up to Jaggers and Pip and request money. Pip suggests Jaggers spare some of his cash to donate to them. Jaggers, who doesn’t like the idea of that, begins to tear off pieces of the check he gave Pip, but Pip repeatedly asks him to stop. He explains to Pip why doing this won’t get him what he desires.

It is Wemmick’s responsibility to help Pip get adjusted to his new home. The older Herbert is also there too, who decides to make him breakfast. Wemmick agrees to assist Pip by handling all of his tasks so that he can take a break while Jaggers is away.

An individual covering his face shows up and orders some men to hold back, Mr. Pumblechook instantly recognizes the voice and realizes it is Magwitch. He is told by Magwitch that his only goal is to murder him. This prompts a fight between the two, and as Magwitch defeats Mr. Pumblechook, a man in the carriage fires at Magwitch, sending him running.

As Estella reads the note to Miss Havisham, she mentions all the things Pip is picking up in London. Once she learns that she is about to get married, she briefly pauses. Estella is shocked by the information because Miss Havisham hasn’t informed her about it.

Estella is upset with Miss Havisham after learning about the wedding, but Miss Havisham informs her that without her, she wouldn’t even be in the position she is in today.

Jaggers debates lending Pip to Drummle. The three of them take a seat once Pip shows up though, where Pip reports all that he managed to learn from the captain regarding the ships. In that instant, Pip learns that the man seated directly before him is the one who Estella needs to wed.

Pip initially can’t comprehend the purpose behind Jaggers’ actions but then he understands that Jaggers is attempting to con Drummle, which could aid him to stop Estella from getting married to Drummle.

Pip asserts that he would like to return home and think about his choices. Before leaving, Jaggers declares that if he runs into Pip at the exchange, he will have a partner.

As soon as he gets back home, Herbert informs him that Estella is coming to London to get married. Thereafter, Herbert questions him concerning which of the two of them he thinks she will choose to wed.

The Episode Review

The episode centers on Pip’s character growth, his desperate attempt to grow into a gentleman, as well as a new reality that isn’t quite as glittering as it first appears.

Overall, the episode serves as a stepping stone since it attempts to combine all the story arcs into one. The central themes of this episode are Pip’s growth, Estella’s growing fondness for Pip, and Miss Havisham’s breach of trust. It’s incredible how smoothly the storyline is beginning to develop.

Even though it dramatizes a classic Dickens tale, it is still presented as a period piece, helping to keep this engaging and interesting.

Since many of Charles Dickens’ stories, including Great Expectations, are set in London, the city is strongly associated with his writings. These works focus on the city and the manner in which it portrays the characters rather than just using London as a backdrop. The majority of the books he wrote were about the hardships of living and working during the Industrial Revolution. Viewers get a brief glimpse of what life was like during that era in this episode, which continues to deliver decent drama.

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