Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity Album Review

Track List

Leap Of Faith
Over It
Letting You Go
Not Dead Yet
The Very Last Time
Piece of Me
Under Again
Don’t Need You
Breathe Underwater
gap here
Bullet For My Valentine return with Gravity, their sixth studio album which feels distinctly different from the group’s previous material while wholly too familiar to really stand out. The desire to reach more mainstream audiences and keep their core fan base happy makes this a bizarrely uneven album, lacking the impressive guitar solos and hard hitting lyrics seen in previous albums, replacing them with stock, meaningless cliches and a thematic structure hanging on themes of heartbreak making for a similar but largely unimpressive entry compared to previous albums like Fever and Temper Temper.
The opening track, Leap Of Faith, solidifies this tonal shift for the group, making use of various reverb effects and a slow building verse before blasting into a vocal-heavy chorus. From here, the album sways back and forth between harder tracks like Over It and softer, more melodic tracks designed to try and touch that mainstream appeal all the while missing the core of what made the band so appealing to begin with. There’s a profound lack of furious urgency here; guitar solos are kept to a minimum when they make brief appearances and a lot of the tracks lack the creative flair needed to help elevate this to the lofty heights of their previous efforts. The closing track, Breathe Underwater, offers a slower, more melodic offering from the group, with more emphasis on singing as seen in some of the group’s previous songs like All These Things I Hate which only further reinforces the effort to rekindle previous successes here.
Gravity isn’t necessarily a bad album, there’s certainly glimmers of Bullet’s old style and the various riffs and big vocals blend well together but there feels like a profound lack of inspiration throughout, relying heavily on themes of loss and heartbreak which have been a common recurring topic in the band’s musical history. Six albums in it all feels a little too similar and bland, lacking the substance needed to really help this album shine and stand out.
With a little more originality, different topics to write songs on and more tracks dedicated to the crazy, chaotic guitar solos of old, Bullet For My Valentine could easily rekindle what made their music so endearing to begin with. Gravity feels like a big misstep for the group and in their bid to attract more fans whilst trying to please their core fan base, Bullet achieve neither, making this an average album at best and one that’s unlikely to be remembered as one of the shining achievements of the metal band.
  • Verdict - 4/10