Granblue Fantasy: Relink Guide: “Chapter 7” Walkthrough

Granblue Fantasy: Relink Guide: Chapter 7

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The Phondam Isles

Vulkan Bolla (Boss Fight)


The Phondam Isle

Chapter 7 of Granblue starts with us over in the Isles. Head up the path to the left and be sure to grab the Journal entry, Partially Scorched Memo on the side. There’s also a chest nearby too which holds 3x Fire Shard, 109 Rupies and 1 MSP.

Just after this, be sure to use the Shrouded Treasure spot, and grab the crystals in an anti-clockwise motion. Be sure to double-jump to hit the last crystal and avoid falling in the lava if you can! The chest itself holds 1x Champion Merit, 2315 Rupies and 5 MSP, so it’s definitely worth collecting.

Partway around the route of collecting those crystals, there’s also a gold chest which happens to hold 10x Fortitude Crystal (S) and 1x Colossus Cane Omega.

With all of this done, head up the passageway and rest up at the Hallowed Ground. Just behind this is a chest which holds 5x Fortitude Crystal, 240 Rupies and 3 MSP.


Frightflame Altar

Keep moving forward and you’ll enter the Altar, where Id happens to be standing. After the cutscene, follow the platforms down and follow the Primal beast that’s abducted Lyria.

It’s quite an easy path, just continue to run in a straight line until you reach a large arena. There, it’s boss fight time.



Boss Fight – Vulkan Bolla


Vulkan is huge and he’s weak to ice, so use this to your advantage. It’ll use a couple of big punches, along with a flame breath that can do a lot of damage if it hits. You’ll only get a bit of damage in (around 10% of the health) before it up and leaves, so be sure to chase it along the passageway when it does. As you proceed forward, you’ll need to hide behind the rock columns to prevent the flame breath from hitting you.

You’ll be warned when a wave is incoming, so do be sure to jump around and hide behind each of the columns until the next fight.

Here, you want to use the same tactics as before. Keep hitting the fists when they drop and be sure to try and use your Link Attacks if you can. When Vulkan falls on the arena, that’s your best chance to strike with everything you’ve got.

When Vulkan hits Overdrive, it’ll use Link Charge. Just keep striking at this point until a brief cutscene triggers.

Proceed forward along the pathway but after Id slashes the fire wave and you continue to dodge the flame wave behind rock columns, jump down to the left and grab 1x Wee Pincer. It’s location is here:

At this point, proceed forward and use the Hallowed Ground to replenish your HP. Just behind that, to the left, you’ll find 5x Fortitude Crystal (S), 235 Rupies and 3 MSP.

Drop down to the next ledge and then it’ll be time to fight the Vulkan properly. Id will join you in this fight so you’ll need to attack its bulk and dodge the fists as they slam down. There are also splash damage strikes with rocks to watch out for, and you’ll need to move around the different rocks as Vulkan disappears and reappears in a different area.

Also do note that it tends to use a new slash attack here where it’ll throw both fists in a sideways motion and pull up the ground to deal big damage. There’s also the standard flame tsunami strike that it uses, along with a new flame breath that spews down in one area.

When Vulkan hits Overdrive, it’ll use Odium where all the fire will spew up between the rock platforms and it’ll appear at different rock columns and throw fire waves over each. Auxilium will follow it up, and this will see a huge Spirit Bomb (not really, it’s just a massive fireball) in the middle of the arena that will gather power. You’ll need to hop over and destroy each of the tail segments to prevent it from powering up (pictured below) otherwise it’ll deal devastating damage to everyoene.

That’s pretty much all there is to these attacks so be sure to keep using your Link Attacks when you can and make sure you have Katalina in your party, as her Ice powers will definitely help to make this fight a little easier. Watch out for the waves and keep hitting the bulk of Vulkan’s stomach and eventually it’ll go down.


The next boss fight is not winnable and is designed for you to see just how strong Lilith is. At some point in the fight, she’ll use dark energy that will slam down and deal 99999 damage, triggering another cutscene.

Route to Seedhollow

When the cutscene ends, approach Rolan and speak to him by pressing Triangle. After, defeat Avia’s forces as they show up on the ship.

A brief cutscene with trigger and then you’ll need to speak to Rackam and prepare for the next leg of the journey.

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