Granblue Fantasy: Relink Guide: “Chapter 3” Walkthrough

Granblue Fantasy: Relink Guide: Chapter 3

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Mines of Tempeal

Climb the Shaft

Halewind Altar


Mines of Tempeal

When you begin chapter 3, be sure to take the path on the right, just beyond the Cobblestone pick-up and grab 1x Whorlshroom on the way.

As you grow closer to the primal beast, you’ll notice you’re forced into walking against the sheer force of the wind. When this occurs, take an immediate left and you’ll find a walkway that leads up to 1x Wee Pincer. It’s located just next to the wooden scaffolding.

Head back whence you came on the path and make note of the ominous red stone on the right. This is an Omen Stone. These nifty little relics basically release a whole bunch of tough enemies into the area. If you defeat them in the timeframe, you’ll gain a reward. However, they’re designed to be returned to at a later date when you’re stronger.

On the higher platform just above this though, you’ll find a switch. Approach it and press X to drop it down.

Head over to the other side and destroy the fleeing goblins that show up. After defeating the goblins, approach the far end of the platform they spawned from and grab 1x Wee Pincer.

Now, head on up to the higher platform, you’ll find another switch. However, instead of activating this, take an immediate right and you’ll find a chest which holds Glitterstone (s), 184 Rupies and 2 MSP.

Hit the switch to open the path toward the Primal Rage. After the cutscene, keep pushing forward until you reach the next area.


Climb the Shaft

When you gain control of your character again, go forward and be sure to pick up the Journal Entry, Miner’s Meeting Minutes.

Just beyond this, you’ll also find another Shrouded Treasure point. Follow the crystals and the chest will reveal Critical Hit Rate II, 1486 Rupies and 2 MSP. That treasure point also happens to be the home of another Wee Pincer, which is just next to the glowing circle, you can’t miss it.

Climb up the stairs and once more, keep running to try and outpace the Primal Rage. Ignore the enemies on the way up and you’ll soon find yourself in a new area after spiraling around the steps.

Halewind Altar

Rest up at the Hallowed Ground on the left and then open the chest nearby. The one just above the save point holds Attack Power I, 182 Rupies and 2 MSP.

Climb up the stairs to the top of the Altar, and we’ll have a boss fight to contend with.

Boss Fight – Furycane

Furycane is tough, and it certainly packs a punch all things considered. It has some big moves, and will hit the team with several combos. The first will see it swipe across the battlefield in an arc and then slam its other sword forward.

It also has a big jumping attack, and you’ll need to back off when it flings itself into the air. It’ll slam down and do big damage. When the two swords shine blue, get behind Furycane as he’ll do a double-slash attack that can deal big damage. There’s also another charge attack here too, with an obvious wind-up of it using its leg to push off the ground.

Unfortunately, Furycane also has a whirlwind attack before it hits Overdrive, where it’ll throw out three tornadoes at triangular points from its body.

This attack has a beefed up version called Savage Cyclone, which will push you back along with projecting out multiple tornadoes.

Finally, there’s Shrieking Squall to watch out for. It’ll turn into a “wind bullet” and pummel across the battlefield in a line. The area is actually shown on the ground so be sure to dodge this and step into Lyria’s bubble.

When Furycane has around 50-60% health left, it’ll use Transfigure and change into a way more aggressive form, with multiple special moves like Ring of Death and massive blade sweeps across the arena. There’s also Wrath of the Goddess too, a particularly nasty move where it’ll conjure massive tornadoes and encompass itself in a wind-shield. Wait for this move to finish before continuing to attack.

Keep hitting with your biggest combos, Skills and your Skybound attacks, and eventually it’ll go down.


After the cutscene, you’ll have to face someone called Mysterious Swordsman. The fight will end after he’s used his special move on everyone, regardless of how much damage you do to him, so don’t worry to much about this fight. Just keep hitting him with combos until the special moves arrive.

After the cutscene, and from your starting position inside the house, approach the door at the end of the house and press O to open. After listening to the dialogue, eventually select “All right. Let’s get a move on!” and we’ll be onto the next chapter.

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