Gracie Abrams – Good Riddance | Album Review

Track Listing 

I Know It Won’t Work
Full Machine
Where Do We Go Now
I Should Hate You
Will You Cry?
This Is What The Drugs Are For
Fault Line
The Blue
Right Now


Poignant songs are here to stay, and they’re ever so invigorating on this album by superstar Gracie Abrams. This singer-songwriter has burst from the underground to the summit of near greatness, and her record Good Riddance is revealing, showcasing sheer vulnerability.

Every song epitomises insightful storytelling, monologues of pain and lost desire. This young musician has seen so much too and has been dealt many blows. But she has guided herself to the top, with music as her lynchpin.

Dreamy at moments, and vivid throughout, the songs all interconnect on the impact of drunken dirges and broken relationships, and Abrams sings with authority, reflecting on life as she tries to detach from a private hell. And the songstress shares her thoughts through the lyrics she’s written, lyrics which show that she’s not all intact. From he beginning of Good Riddance, the lyrics stick to the mind like glue.

‘Best’ begins the album, and it fully shows Abrams’ adeptness at writing down her feelings. Her voice is serene, and she explains her addiction with vivid intentions.

‘I Should Hate You’ is acoustically driven, breaking norms and igniting some hope. Abrams shows her knack at song-writing, and her angelic voice rises up. It’s a stellar track.

‘Difficult’ explores broken love and estranged lovers. Abrams is scared of commitment, and that backbeat and soft percussion adds a musical edge.

Ultimately, Gracie Abrams eliminates any flashes of mediocrity on this record, as her abilities are incredible

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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