Graceful Friends – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

An Unforgettable Dinner Party

Graceful Friends returns with another really dramatic episode. As more of the past is slowly being unveiled, including Jae-Hoon’s part in all of this, the drama is just starting to hit fever pitch now. That’s to say nothing of Haze-Sook, who holds a pretty big secret from the group too. While we don’t see an awful lot surrounding the Professor’s murder in the past, we do start to learn more about Kang-San’s murder. Quite who delivered the finishing blow however, remains a mystery.

Episode 12 of Graceful Friends begins in the past as the group sit down to eat together. Jae-Hoon continues to rile things up and causes a wedge to grow between Jung-Hae and Goong-Cheol’s marriage. Jung-Hae calls him reckless and admits that her time with him was hell. Only, he decides to try and blackmail her, admitting that he could tell them everything. Challenging Jae-Hoon, Jung-Hae tells him that her relationship won’t be broken that easily.

Back in the present, the awkward dinner continues. Goong-Cheol lavishes praise on Jung-Hae but she squirms uncomfortably in her seat. Instead, the attention turns to Mo-Ran’s divorce. It turns out the real reason this occurred comes from their bedroom antics. Jae-Hoon said someone else’s name just before climaxing. That someone is, presumably, Jung-Hae.

After an incident involving red wine, Jae-Hoon gives Jung-Hae a new top to wear. Tellingly, it’s one of his own and not Mo-Ran’s. As secrets continue to spill, Kyung-Ja asks Hae-Sook about the rumours of a death all those years ago. As she giggles, Hae-Sook turns the attention back to the current murder that only half the group actually know about. Eventually, the party ends with Hae-Sook getting a face full of red wine, courtesy of Jung-Hae.

As the plot thickens, Jung-Hae finds her missing red shoes in Jae-Hoon’s closet. Only, that means he was also at the crime scene. When Mo-Ran shows up, she claims that she bought an identical pair. Is she telling the truth?

The party ends and Kyung-Ja takes Hae-Sook aside and talks to her privately. After telling her to think before she speaks, Hae-Sook’s wig falls off, prompting the two to look at each other in shock. It turns out Hae-Sook doesn’t have much time left in her life. Despite everything that’s happened, Kyung-Ja tells her to get her affairs in place so she can die peacefully. She also promises not to tell anyone her secret.

Meanwhile, Jae-Hoon and Goong-Cheol talk inside alone. Before they can get down to the nitty gritty details of what’s happening, they’re interrupted by police officers who arrive to arrest Jae-Hoon. He’s compliant too, admitting in the interview room that he hired Kang-San to break the happy couple up. However, he also makes a call in the interview room to bring his lawyer in.

Back at Jae-Hoon’s house, they find Kang-San’s belongings in his study. Bringing them to the interview room, Jae-Hoon admits that he went to Kang-San’s place 3 hours before he was murdered. There, he hid inside the closet as Hyung-Woo arrived, However, he dropped Kang-San’s wallet which is why he picked it up.

Just before leaving, Jung-Hae arrived at the door prompting Jae-Hoon to hide inside the closet again. Now we see this event play out in real time, with Jung-Hae racing away after the incident. Afterwards, he confronted Kang-San, slapping him in the face. He promises to hand over 1 million dollars to stop this entire charade given it’s gone on for too long.

Back home, Goong-Cheol and Jung-Hae wind up talking about the secrets being held between them. Given Jae-Hoon’s influence and how much he knows, Goong-Cheol confronts her about this. He goes on to reveal Jae-Hoon has been arrested.

However, Jae-Hoon has his lawyer come in and they discuss the case together. After a swift slap to the face, he’s told to follow instructions and not speak unless told to.

Goong-Cheol meanwhile, heads to Jae-Hoon’s house and speaks to Mo-Ran. He’s desperate to find out the truth about the sex story but Mo-Ran is clearly flustered. Goong-Cheol refuses to give up. He knows there’s a secret room inside the house and he’s determined to find it no matter what. And find it he does.

As he removes the painting and moves the wall panels aside, he spies something shocking inside. What is it? We’ll have to wait and find out as the episode comes to an agonizing close.

The Episode Review

With lots of drama to chew over, a lot of the early season comedy fades away in favour of this bubbling melodrama at the centre of the show. Both Hae-Sook and Jae-Hoon have some serious issues and it’s spilling over in the messiest of ways.

Seeing Jae-Hoon lose control of Kang-San certainly gives him a legitimate reason to kill this man. Only, is this too easy? It seems likely this may be a red herring in place for something else going on but for now we’ll have to wait and see what that is.

What is clear though is how much bad blood there is between various characters. Seeing Jung-Hae splash red wine in Hae-Sook’s face is certainly a satisfying moment after everything she’s done. It’s also telling that Hae-Sook doesn’t have long left in her life. This may explain why she’s so bitter and desperate to get Goong-Cheol back.

One thing’s for sure though, whatever Goong-Cheol has found is bound to change the dynamic of what’s happening. Mo-Ran’s dialogue at the end seems to hint that Jae-Hoon may not have actually shouted out Jung-Hae’s name after all. If that’s the case then who is it? Could it be Goong-Cheol? I know that’s a massive stab in the dark but it could explain his erratic behaviour and may legitimately be the reason he’s not interested in Mo-Ran anymore.

Whatever the case, you’re not going to want to miss next week’s set of episodes!

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