Goyo (2024) Ending Explained – Do Eva and Goyo end up together?

Goyo Plot Summary

Goyo is an Argentinian movie centering on a man with Asperger’s, Goyo. He’s a massive Van Gogh fan, and works as a guide at the Museum of Fine Arts in the City of Buenos Aires.

His routine though is upended when he meets new security guard, Eva. She immediately captures his attention and he’s smitten with her. It’s love at first sight. Eva though, has lost faith in love due to a crisis in her marriage with bad-boy Miguel. Will these two from very different walks of life end up together?


What happens with Miguel?

Eva’s abusive ex-husband returns midway through the movie and things unfortunately turn violent. Eva doesn’t message Goyo after their date together, so he shows up to see Eva with a plant the next day. She’s still rattled from what happened with Miguel and when he shows up, things are awkward, especially as Cuti (Eva’s older son) doesn’t take to him.

Saula, his sister, doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get mixed up with Eva given Miguel’s tendency for violence. Goyo heads over to see him at the carwash he works at, and things get violent. He hurries away and sports bruises on his face as a result.

Eva is not happy with Goyo’s actions, and believes he’s made everything worse. Eva believes they made a mistake sleeping together and makes the choice of not being together. Goyo spirals and eventually rushes off.

How does Goyo react to his mum returning?

Magda, his mother, returns to try and help Goyo through this heartache. They don’t understand one another and never have. She finds it painful that she can’t connect with him. She calls Goyo handicapped but both Saula and Matuta don’t see it that way.

The conversation does turn to her drunken antics and the death of their father, who passed from drink driving in Vietnam. The thing is, Magda doesn’t even try to be compassionate and bridge the gap to her son. And she doesn’t know how.

There’s a big gap between them but she speaks to Goyo that night while he’s finishing up the painting of Eva. Magda talks to him about his muse. She understands what he’s going though and points out that it’s a wonderful feeling – even if it doesn’t last. For the first time, they connect and hold hands.

What happens after Saula’s concert? What’s with the swimming pool?

The big event here stems from Saula’s concert, where she plays majestically while everyone is in attendance, including Goyo. Dressed in his suit, he heads to the swimming pool and holds his breath underwater. This is something we’ve seen him do throughout the movie. This time, instead of staying quiet, he screams at the top of his lungs.

Water is usually synonymous with emotion so this is a nice way of showcasing how his emotions have started to “drown” him. Beforehand, this has been his way of “drowning” out the noise and becoming one with his emotions, this time though he’s overwhelmed.

How does Goyo end?

The next day it’s raining and Goyo grabs an umbrella and decides to head out. He exchanges a knowing glance to Saula, who knows that he’s going to see Eva. This is something she tried to stop him doing at the subway earlier, but now she’s accepted that he must do this for closure.

Goyo waits for Eva outside the museum, with the finished painting. She apologizes for hurting him and believes she’s too flawed for a relationship. He wants to help her believe in herself again, calling her a brilliant woman. He also confesses his love for her, imperfections and all. As they hug one another in the rain, under the umbrella, we cut to a shot of Goyo smiling in the cornfields.

The ending is ambiguous but we’re led to believe that these two will end up together, despite all setbacks. We don’t get a resolution to the Miguel situation, nor do we actually get much closure when it comes to Saula and Matuta’s feelings toward their brother and meeting Eva, but Goyo and Eva at least get their ending.

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