Gotham Season 5 Episode 8: “Nothing’s Shocking” Recap & Review


Don’t Be A Dummy

Taking a break from the continuing storyline running throughout the season, Gotham takes a bit of a break this week for a stand alone episode. With plenty of mystery, good effects and some surprising revelations, Gotham reminds us that it can still deliver these enjoyable stand alone episodes in the midst of a strong overarching story.

The episode begins with Penguin checking up on Ngyma on the status of the submarine. Frustrated at his former partner’s work ethic, a surprise guest arrives and turns everything upside down. Whilst this is going on, two murders cause GCPD to be on high alert with rumours that Bullock’s former partner is up and walking around, responsible for the killings in the Ice Lounge. Rounding out the trio of plotlines this week are Bruce and Alfred who go exploring in the tunnels under Gotham.

As Jim and Harvey begin investigating the case, it brings them to an abandoned house where a woman named Jane lives. After hearing her backstory and learning of her unfortunate run-in with Hugo Strange, the episode offers up a surprising twist midway through where we learn the suspect in these murders has the ability to change faces. Jim races to find who the real killer is disguised as while Harvey remains behind at the G.C.P.D. to keep an eye on his former partner.

The episode ends with a climactic finale in all three storylines as Harvey finds out the truth behind the killings, Penguin and Ngyma work together to overcome their problem whilst Alfred and Bruce find what they were looking for in the tunnels. The final, reflective moments in these narratives do well to act as a proverbial deep breath before the inevitable plunge back into chaos next week.

While the episode itself doesn’t advance the story in a particularly meaningful way, it’s still a nice change of pace to see something resembling the old stand-alone episodes that have been missing this year. Interestingly, this one really acts as an anchor between the first and second half of the season and from here on out, I’d imagine Gotham looks set for an explosive, action packed run to its inevitable finale and final reveal of the Dark Knight himself.


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