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Be Careful What You Wish For
Attack Of The Mutant Part 1
Attack Of The Mutant Part 2
Bad Hare Day
The Headless Ghost
Go Eat Worms
You Can’t Scare Me
Revenge Of The Lawn Gnomes
Ghost Beach
Attack Of The Jack-O-Lanterns
Haunted Mask II Part 1
Haunted Mask II Part 2
Let’s Get Invisible
Scarecrow Walks At Midnight
Monster Blood
More Monster Blood
Vampire Breath
How To Kill a Monster
Calling All Creeps
Welcome To Dead House Part 1
Welcome To Dead House Part 2
Don’t Wake Mummy
The Blob That Ate Everyone
Night Of The Living Dummy III Part 1
Night Of The Living Dummy III Part 2



Returning for 25 more episodes of spooktacular fun, Goosebumps returns bigger, badder and better than ever before. With a continued blend of lighthearted and darker elements in its episodes, if you’re looking for more of the same, Goosebumps does not disappoint. Some of the episodes do fall a little flat, especially with so many memorable two part episodes in its run this year, but for the most part, the second season does an excellent job keeping the thrills and chills running throughout.

Much like the books of the same name, many of the episodes this year fall back on some of the more popular concepts explored in the first season. Slappy The Dummy returns, Beth’s Haunted Mask makes another appearance and even The Mummy from Egypt turns up in a stand alone episode late on. While this doesn’t detract too much from the season’s enjoyment, there’s a distinct lack of freshness with some of these episodes, playing on the same ideas executed earlier in the first season. Still, there are some really memorable episodes again this year but much like last year, it’s the two parters that really shine.

Attack Of The Mutant is one such example and arguably the stand out in an impressive array of episodes. This brilliantly original episode takes a slice of comic book action, adds a dash of Adam West and wraps it up in a chilling tale of good and evil. Welcome To Dead House introduces zombies to the Goosebumps universe for the first time while Monster Blood ties its two tales together with the iconic green goo given an original tale of misfortune.

Of course, the stand alone episodes are still good too with highlights including Scarecrow Walks At Midnight, Calling All Creeps and Revenge Of The Lawn Gnomes all doing an excellent job adapting their book counterparts. The general tone and elements of light horror continue from last year with a continued mass appeal for adults and children. Much like last year, it’s worth watching these with really young children although the horror elements are toned down slightly this year making for a slightly easier watch for the younger watchers.

Goosebumps continues to impress and with more episodes than ever before, the second season manages to continue the same tonally consistent vibes while adapting the books in a respectful manner. The two parters are still the stand outs here but with the return of many ideas already showcased in the first season, there is a feeling that this year isn’t wholly original which does detract a little from the enjoyment. Still, if you enjoyed the first season and are looking for more of the same, Goosebumps delivers another impressive season of chills and thrills making it one of the better anthologies on TV for kids.

  • Verdict - 7.5/10