Goosebumps – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Cuckoo Clock of Doom” Recap & Review

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

Episode 3 of Goosebumps begins with James spooking out and banging his head against the cuckoo clock. The party proceeds and he attempts to have a conversation with Sam. The conversation gets awkward because James blurts out the name of a football team that doesn’t exist.

After talking to Isaiah, James decides to head out, but he lands back the moment he hits his head on the cuckoo clock and realizes something is wrong. He attempts to leave the house multiple times but realizes he just spawns back to the moment he hit his head on the cuckoo clock. 

Perplexed about the time loop, James takes Sam’s advice and makes the best of the opportunity. He asks Sam his favorite football team before heading out, only to respawn back at the start. He then goes on to relive the party and starts the conversation with Sam once again and discusses Arsenal.

The conversation blossoms, and they end up making out. Sam invites him outside, and James breaks the clock before stepping out. James is no longer stuck in the time loop and spends time with Sam.

The next morning, James goes about his day normally and gets a text from Sam asking him to watch the soccer game. Just then, multiple James pop out, revealing he had created multiple versions of himself the previous night. They nab him and throw him into a pit nearby. 

The duplicate James goes around being mean to Allison and Sam, sabotaging James’ relationships. Later that day after Isabelle hits the que ball on his forehead, James explodes into slime and the parents arrive. However, another duplicate James is standing right there. Isabelle’s mother drags her home. The same night Isabelle sees James in her backyard and grabs a bat.

Isaiah and Margot discuss the recent events and decide to find a solution. The next day they approach James, but unfortunately, he throws everything back in their faces, claiming they’re afraid Allison will find out about them and blaming Isaiah for his loss at the football game. Just then, Isabelle pops out and smacks James in the head with a bat, causing him to explode into slime.

They head over to the AV room and Isabelle brings them up to speed with the recent happenings. They head over to Nora, but she doesn’t reveal anything to them. In the meanwhile, James finds tools in the pit.

Colin shows up at the Biddle house to speak with Mr. Bratt. They have a short conversation about the kids crashing his house on Halloween, requesting him to not consider reporting it to the authorities. They also talk about Colin’s wife Sarah, which Mr. Bratt takes a keen interest in. Meanwhile, James builds up a ladder and attempts to climb out of the pit, but unfortunately fails. 

Isaiah, Margot, and Isabella follow the duplicate into a mine. After a certain distance, James turns out his lights and claims it is a trap. He then starts the train, and it begins moving towards them. Just then, another James pops out, claiming to be the real one, and takes them through another tunnel. Inside, they see another James claiming to be the real one. Isaiah takes a leap of faith and kills one of them, causing him to explode into slime.

The other duplicates catch Isaiah and throw him into the pit with the real James. James is overjoyed to see him, but Isaiah strikes him with a stone thinking he is fake. Isaiah is glad to see he isn’t a duplicate, but James picks an argument claiming he couldn’t identify his own friend.

Just then, Isabelle and Margot break through a pile of rocks and call them to make a run for it. Unfortunately, one of the doors closes, separating the girls from the boys. The boys run into a dead end with several duplicates in front of them. They pick up a few sticks and battle them out, causing all of them to explode into slime.

The group reunites at the café to grab something to eat. They pressure Margot to ask her mom about the situation. Margot reluctantly calls her mother and asks her about Harold Biddle. Her mom requests that she not tell anyone about it, ensuring she will be there in person.

Mr.Bratt takes out all of his journals and crosses out a picture. One of the duplicates arrives with a suitcase, but Mr. Bratt kills Shim off as it doesn’t have what he is looking for at the end of Goosebumps episode 3.

The Episode Review

Kapoosh! And James explodes into a giant mess of slime. Believe it or not, the essence of goosebumps lies in the creepy monster and slime, and this episode brings us just that!

Goosebumps Episode 3 takes us through an intriguing course, making you question the motives of the duplicates. The duplicates do not intend to hurt James, as they simply nab him and throw him into a pit while they go around living his life and sabotaging his relationships. The end of the episode reveals the last duplicate handing over a briefcase to Mr. Bratt, suggesting there is an ulterior motive to their actions.

One recurring trend in the episodes is how they begin from the night at the house of Biddle. It happened with Isabelle and now it happens with James’ story. This is an interesting way to start chapters, revealing what unseen events led to the formation of the entire storyline and making it even more immersive altogether.

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