Goosebumps – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Haunted Mask” Recap & Review

The Haunted Mask

Episode 2 of Goosebumps begins with Isabelle waking up to check the comments on her troll video. She walks into school and gets ignored by everyone, making her feel invisible. She spies on Isaiah and Allison while they change the venue of the party. That night, her brother brings her a vampire costume, urging her to go to the party. He convinces her, claiming it’ll help her be more relevant at school.

Isabelle heads to the party and finds a voice calling her to the basement. She heads down to find the strange mask and puts it on. Returning back into the party no one can stop checking her out.

Returning home from the party, she is happy and tries to take off the mask, but it won’t come off. After a struggle, she manages to pull it off and heads to sleep.

The next day, Margot visits Isaiah to check up on him. She apologizes to him, but he ignores it and goes on to talk about the cookies. She expresses what she witnessed at the game and asks him to tell her what he saw. Isaiah refused to tell her anything for her own safety.

Before heading to school, the mask whispers to Isabelle, and she puts it in her bag before heading off for school.

Mr. Bratt realizes it is Monday and begins to rush to get to school. Unfortunately, he realizes he has lost control over his body but manages to stumble his way to school. This makes a spectacle for the kids in the corridors. He heads into the restroom, sees Biddle standing in the mirror, and gets possessed by him.

Later that day, Isabelle uses her drone by the side of the field when Isaiah approaches her for Friday’s game footage. She leaves the drone on her acquaintance’s watch and heads into the AV cart with Isaiah. She opens up the footage and leaves Isaiah to see it.

Heading outside she sees Lucas standing on top of the roof with the drone hovering right above him. He jumps off the roof to grab the drone and brings it down with him. Later that day the two meet in the student counselor’s office and Lucas offers her dollars 5 a week until it is paid for.

Just then, the mask whispers to Isabelle, trying to instigate her to argue with the counselor and Lucas. Isabelle hurls insults at them before calming down, apologizing, and then leaving.

Isaiah visits the locker room to check his locker and is jump-scared by Mr. Bratt dressed up as a referee. Later that day, Colin the student counselor visits Nora to talk to her about Lucas’s troublemaking.

Isabelle gets scolded by her mother for the broken drone and gets grounded. Isabelle’s mother grabs her phone and laptop and locks them in a drawer before leaving for work.

Mr. Bratt enters the coffee shop and asks Nora for an egg sandwich. She reluctantly agrees and has a conversation about the Biddle House and the old days. Strangely, Mr. Bratt disappears and appears in front of her before taking the packet and leaving.

Later that night, Nora tries to talk to Isaiah but gets interrupted by Ben. Ben sends Isaiah away and tells Nora to call the other friends. Nora leaves and hands Margot a picture to ask Isaiah about.

Isabelle’s brother shows her the video posed by Lucas claiming she can now prove it isn’t her fault. She however sends him away. Margot shows Isaiah the picture and he is shocked to recognize the boy from the episode he had at the football field. They decide to go talk to Nora.

Lucas practices skateboarding near the shop. Just then, Isabelle walks in wearing the mask and relentlessly attacks him. The mask assumes full control of Isabelle, turning her into an ugly monster. Isaiah and Margot arrive on time to save Lucas, and the monster flees. The monster approaches and watches her mother leave for work. Allen hears trashing sounds in the living room and heads down to check up. He sees the monster, sneaks over to the phone, and calls Isabelle.

Surprisingly, the phone buzzes from the monster’s pocket, and it spots Allen. Allen runs off into the storeroom. Eventually, the monster catches Allen and corners him. He pleads with Isabelle, begging her to fight it. Isabelle fights back and rips the mask off her face. The next day, they throw the mask into a pond and watch it sink to the bottom. After they leave, Mr. Bratt comes out and pulls out the mask.

Isabelle and her mother head over to James’ house for a meeting. They have a parents-only meeting, and Isabelle is sent off to the game room. While the parents discuss Harold, Isabelle accidentally shoots the snooker ball at James, making him explode into slime.

The Episode Review

The chapter begins back the creeps with a gremlin-like-looking monster who takes over the rather shy Isabelle after she puts on the spooky mask. This episode heads back to the past where Isabelle’s story really begins. The moral of the story like almost every horror story ever: Do not pick up anything spooky from an abandoned place! 

Episode 2 of Goosebumps starts off with a spooky mask that whispers things to Isabelle and gets things done. Smart choice on the mask part by picking Isabelle, desperate enough for her to obey, and brave enough to not run away.

Another interesting development in the storyline is the possession of Mr. Bratt by Harold Biddle’s spirit. The chapter seems to get the ball rolling with the story of Biddle and some what seems he used to be a classmate or acquaintance of all the kids’ parents. We can expect a history lesson on the same in one of the future episodes!

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