Goosebumps – Season 1 Episode 1 “Say Cheese and Die!” Recap & Review

Say Cheese and Die!

Episode 1 of Goosebumps begins with a clip of a boy returning home and sitting down to write in a spooky journal in the basement until night. Later that night, he hears the bell ring but finds no one outside. Returning back into the house, the bell rings again, but he finds no one.

As soon as he enters the house, the door slams on him, and things begin to fall apart before the lights go out. He dies that night after he locks himself in the basement and accidentally drops fire on the carpet.

The scene cuts to the present day. James and Isaiah try to buy food from Nora’s store but are refused as the credit card machine isn’t working. Heading out, Lucas jumps off the roof with his skateboard and breaks his teeth.

Later that day, Isaiah and James head to the basketball court, and Isiah enters with the entire football team and riles the crowd up with a speech. Mid-speech, Lucas tries to hit Isabella. Just then, Allison arrives, showing them her party invitation edited by a troll.

After the event, James and Isaiah run into Sam, and James nervously greets him. Isaiah gets called to the principal’s office and told he cannot play Friday’s game unless he gets an A in the history test the following day.

Later that day, Mr.Bratt arrives to see his house and makes his acquaintance with Ben. Mr.Bratt gets curious about the basement and insists on seeing it. He attempts to break the lock with a crowbar but ends up getting a cut on his hand. After they leave, the blood crawls up the door and unlocks it.

Later that day, Isaiah walks in on his parents quarrelling about whether they can rely on Isaiah’s potential to get the scholarship. He sits grumpily and Margot comes to cheer him up. He requests her to help him with answers for the test to which she reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Margot helps Isaiah complete the test, but Isaiah gets dragged away by Allison after the test. Later that night, they arrived at the new venue. Suddenly, as they discuss the incident in the basement, the lights go out and the basement door opens on its own. Just then, Margot arrives and offers to head into the basement with Isaiah to find the fuse box.

Isaiah heads into the basement alone and finds a camera. Suddenly the basement door shuts and startles everyone. Isaiah jumps out and takes a picture of Allison and another of Margot. Just then the lights come on, but strangely Isaiah hasn’t found the fuse box.

They resume the preparations and everyone arrives before the party starts going. At the party, Lucas tries to hit on Margot. Isaiah gets told off by Allison for being friends with Margot. Right after that, Margot informs Isaiah and takes his leave because she finds it insulting that he didn’t tell Allison about her.

Just then, Mr. Bratt arrives and chases everyone away, threatening to call the cops. Allison loses her way and heads off into the woods. She sees a strange person standing in the distance and begins running away from him. Suddenly, she realizes he is in front of her, and he burns himself away. Allison stumbles and falls down. Hearing her scream, Isaiah comes to help her.

The next day, Isaiah meets James, but unfortunately, Mr.Bratt shows up, calling out for Isaiah. Mr. Bratt gives the bag to Isaiah and agrees not to tell his parents about the party if Isaiah could tell everyone to keep away from his house. Mr.Bratt also makes his acquaintance as his English teacher.

Isaiah notices the two photographs taken from the camera in which Margot is in distress. Later in the hallway, Margot sees a strange boy standing. She begins to choke while the students walk out of the classrooms. Isaiah rushes in and gives Margot a shot from her bag. 

He realizes the moment represents the photograph taken with the camera. Isaiah rushes to tell James about it, but James takes the camera and takes a picture of Isaiah with it instead. The photo shows Isaiah lying brutally injured on the football field.

Frightened, James rushes to seek help from Margot. Initially, she thanks him for saving her life but pushes him away as he approaches her for his own needs.

Returning home, Isaiah decides to break and burn the camera, thinking it will solve the problem. He proceeds to go for the match and gives a spectacular performance in the first round. However, during half-time, he opens his locker and sees the camera lying there.

Extremely frightened, he does his best to sit the match out but is forced to play. He then begs his teammates to protect him, but they do not understand what is going on. Just as the match begins, he sees everyone turn into the strange boy and the field light on fire.

He manages to take the ball and make a run for it, pushing through the opponent’s defence. He makes it halfway through but ends up having a bad fall and fracturing his arm. The medical team arrives and carries him to the hospital.

Later, after the arm is plastered, he questions his father about the recovery time. Fortunately, he had won the game, but recovery will take 8 months, causing him to miss the scholarship window. His dad assures him that he will find a way to pay the tuition fees.

Exiting the room, Lora tells Ben that she saw Bittle and that he has come back for revenge, and the incidents will continue. Later that night Mr.Bratt’s fire goes out and he sees Bittle. Bittle turns into smoke and enters Mr.Bratt.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Goosebumps opens on a note, making you think this is just another series trying to be scary in the most cliché manner possible. However, if you stick around long enough things begin to get interesting. The episode still has a huge number of incoherent instances, but reveals the future through the photographs and has you sticking around to find out how they’re going to change the trajectory of time.

The chapter doesn’t reveal much about the past incidents that caused these hauntings. This will be certainly revealed in future episodes, but for now, we can hope it stays in the realm of coherence. 


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