Good Omens – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Chapter 6: Every Day

Episode 6 of Good Omens season 2 titled ‘Chapter 6: Every Day’ begins with Aziraphale, Maggie and Nina defending the bookshop after Maggie accidentally invites the demons in. As they strategise, Nina asks about the Jane Austen-esque ball only to hear Aziraphale set it up to matchmake her and Maggie. Fire extinguishers and encyclopedias are thrown at the demons with Aziraphale even opening a gate to Heaven which burns up the demons.

What does Crowley do in Heaven?

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Muriel realises that Crowley has tricked her. He dresses up as an angel so no one catches him and tells her that since she is any way in trouble she should just pull out Gabriel’s record. She doesn’t have clearance to open it and is shocked when he does – he was after all a high-ranking angel who helped create the universe.

They see the recording of a meeting with the higher-ups planning an armageddon 2.0. However, Gabriel refuses. Saraquel catches Crowley but says since he is halfway through he might as well see the trial. 

What happened to Gabriel?

The other angels want to cast down Gabriel at his trial. Metatron points out that if multiple angels are cast down it will look like there is an institutional problem. Hence Gabriel will just be demoted, his memory erased and his tailored suits taken away. Gabriel accepts it and tells them he will be back after taking off his suit and clearing his desk.  

The CCTV footage shows Gabriel taking off his suit, putting something in the matchstick, putting the matchstick in a box but then dropping it when he writes on the bottom of the box. Naked, he heads to Earth while the archangels wait for him in the trial room. Michael suddenly realises that Gabriel doesn’t have a desk. Saraquel tries to erase his memory but sees that it is missing.

Back on Earth, with the demons gaining at them, Aziraphale burns the demons except for Shax with his halo. Alarm bells go off in Heaven as Saraquel states that this is an act of war against Hell. Exasperated, Crowley heads back to Earth with the archangels and Muriel tagging along.

At that moment, Beelzebub, Furfur and Dagon arrive ready for war. Crowley stops them all and asks for the box Gabriel brought. They see that he had written that he is in the fly. Beelzebub notices the only fly in the room. It has been hanging out at the bookshop since Gabriel’s arrival with the box. It must have fallen out of the matchstick and into the box.

She gives it to Gabriel after Crowley convinces everyone that the bumbling book-seller Jim is unrecognizable because of their half miracle which apparently can be as powerful as an archangel’s if a demon and angel work together. Turns out, Gabriel put all of his memories in the fly before Saraquel could erase them. The fly goes into Gabriel’s eye and he gets all his memories back.

Are Gabriel and Beelzebub in love?

He had met with Beelzebub after the season 1 armageddon had flopped and planned an armageddon 2.0 before changing their mind. Even though they have no reason to meet, they keep on meeting whether it is to pretend to drink beer or listen to music.

Beelzebub likes ‘Every Day’ by Buddy Holly and Gabriel tweaks the jukebox at The Resurrectionist pub to play that song forever. She gives him the fly which works like a Tardis – a container that is bigger on the inside and he is moved as no one has given him anything before.

Everyone is shocked to hear that Gabriel had meant to go to Beelzebub and not Aziraphale. The archangel and the demonic overlord hold hands and hint at their feelings for each other. Maggie finding it romantic has Michael wanting to turn the humans into salt. 

Crowley quickly ushers the humans outside and Nina accepts Maggie’s help with the cafe as the line of customers is huge. Metatron orders a cup of coffee and also comments on her shop’s name – Give Me Coffee Or Give Me Death. He asks if anyone has asked for death and says it is predictable when Nina says no. 

While Crowley is heading back to the bookshop, he notices and smiles at the clamour inside and how Aziraphale shushes everyone. Hell wants to punish Gabriel and Beelzebub for being traitors while Heaven wants to order the punishment of sending the traitors to Hell.

Crowley suggests fleeing to Alpha Centauri and the traitorous duo agrees. Shax cannot seem to let them go but Beelzebub tempts her by passing on her title of Duke of Hell to Shax. She and Gabriel leave and now Michael reminds Aziraphale of ‘extreme sanctions’. 

Why does Crowley decide to confess to Aziraphale?

At that moment, Metatron enters and shushes them as Michael has no such authority. He sends them all back to Heaven except for Muriel who is trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible. He asks Aziraphale for a walk and as the angel looks expectantly at Crowley, the demon shoos him out. Metatron drops his smile as he stares at Crowley before exiting. 

Crowley talks about wanting some ‘us time’ and an alcoholic breakfast at the Ritz with Aziraphale to process things. Muriel thinks it includes her and he very clearly says no and sends her out as well by giving her a book by Iain Banks.

He cleans up the space and keeps looking at the watch while waiting for Aziraphale. Maggie and Nina arrive and give him a stern talk down about not pairing up people even if they had good intentions. Nina says she will not treat Maggie as a rebound and hopes Maggie will wait for her when she is ready. It is the same as Crowley who never trusts anyone while Aziraphale is like Maggie. The humans say that he and Aziraphale need to talk as well.

As they leave an excited Aziraphale enters. The talk gets to Crowley and he is ready to confess something but Aziraphale stops him. Metatron has come up with the most brilliant proposal – he can appoint Aziraphale as the supreme archangel and give Crowley back his angelic status. Crowley is surprised that Aziraphale didn’t say no as Heaven did try to end the world. Aziraphale believes he can run things differently and Crowley is frustrated. 

How does Aziraphale react to Crowley’s kiss?

Instead of getting into a fight, he decides to say what he wanted to say in case he never gets a chance again. It starts off as an awkward but romantic proposal as Crowley states that they have always relied on each other and never needed anyone. Heaven and Hell are toxic and he wants to run away with Aziraphale just like Gabriel and Beelzebub did.

Aziraphale asks him to come with him to Heaven and Crowley points out that the angel cannot leave his bookshop. Aziraphale says nothing lasts and a disappointed Crowley agrees. Aziraphale says they can be together as angels and that he needs Crowley. The demon sighs and points out that no nightingales are singing. He looks sad as he says it could have been just the two of them together and Aziraphale looks away.

Crowley suddenly walks up to him and kisses him. Aziraphale is stunned and it looks like he is going to say something but he doesn’t. Instead, he says he forgives Crowley and the demon scoffs and walks away. Aziraphale tries to compose himself while touching his lips. 

Does Good Omens season 2 end with a cliffhanger?

Metatron enters and doesn’t look surprised that Crowley rejected the offer. Aziraphale is torn and asks about his bookshop. Metatron states that Muriel will take care of it and they head to the elevator to Heaven, as Crowley watches them. Metatron is excited as he has big plans such as the Second Coming which has Aziraphale stopping in his footsteps. He looks at Crowley one last time before stepping into the elevator.

Crowley looks at Maggie and Nina and then drives off in his car. ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ plays on the radio but Crowley instantly stops it.

The Episode Review

The Good Omens season 2 finale totally rips our hearts out and serves it on a platter. Be sure not to close episode 6 till the end credits finish. Even with no dialogue, the actors do so well in expressing their feelings. As Crowley keeps on driving, his face contorts and there are so many emotions on his face as he tries to come to terms with what has just happened.

And the nightingale’s singing happens to symbolise their love. If you remember, the “nightingale” had sung the time they had their happy ending at the Ritz in season 1. The romantic song ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ which had played back then, plays in the Bentley as Crowley drives away, and feels like a good breakup song. But it can also hint at a hopeful reunion between the two.

Not be sidelined, Aziraphale also has a lot to think about with the sudden springing up of the Second Coming along with Crowley’s confession. And that kiss. Phew, it had everything. You can sense the urgency as Crowley realises that if he doesn’t do it then the moment will be lost forever. And the way Aziraphale tries to process what has just happened is heartbreaking because we and even Crowley can see that he reciprocates his feelings.

But for the plot twist’s sake, he needs to be taken away by the sinister-smiling Metatron. Wasn’t Metatron evil in Supernatural as well? We can guarantee that that angel is up to no good. We just hope that Amazon Prime doesn’t leave us hanging with such a heart-wrenching cliffhanger forever as they did a certain Orlando Bloom-starring original show. We really need a Good Omens season 3, even if it takes another 4 years!

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