Good Omens – Season 2 Episode 5 “Chapter 5: The Ball” Recap & Review

Chapter 5: The Ball

Episode 5 of Good Omens season 2 titled ‘Chapter 5: The Ball’ begins with Aziraphale trying to recruit all the shopkeepers and traders on Whickber Street for the monthly meeting turned ball while Crowley tags along to watch his antics.

No one is interested but Aziraphale bribes them all with rare books such as a Doctor Who original manual for the pianist who is a Doctor Who fan. Crowley just plays around with a red fez cap and is amused with Aziraphale trying to speak French with a French cafe owner who speaks English fluently.

Meanwhile, Shax is trying to get Furfur to give her 10,000 demons to launch her attack on the bookshop. He just laughs and offers her 100. The number will keep going down if she insists. She agrees and hosts a meeting with a bunch of stragglers she calls her legion.

The Demon Eric keeps interrupting her as he points out that they are just 1/75th of a legion, there is no huge lift to take them up to Earth and that fighting angels can be dangerous. Frustrated, she just burns him.

While Crowley and Aziraphale bicker about how well the angel does or does not know French, Nina enjoys the show. Aziraphale takes the opportunity to invite her to the meeting and she agrees only because she has some strong words to say about the Christmas lights being used on the street. Delighted, Aziraphale leaves. Nina and Crowley share a conspiratorial glance as they joke about Aziraphale never hosting a meeting ever.

With Crowley looking at him, Nina asks how long they have been together or if the angel is his sidepiece. Crowley is suddenly adamant that nothing is going on between them and that Aziraphale is an angel. Nina seems to relate as she asks why their love life is not as straightforward as other people and Crowley is left thinking about it.

Aziraphale spots him drinking at the French cafe and asks why he doesn’t wait at the bookshop. Crowley says he doesn’t like it but Aziraphale believes otherwise. Crowley then brings up the amnesiac archangel who tried to kill him and wonders if Gabriel is just pretending to have lost his memories. Aziraphale says maybe they should talk it out. Meanwhile, Lindsay dumps Nina over a text message for being too self-centred. 

Crowley approaches Gabriel and starts taking out his anger on him. He is furious that Gabriel tried to kill Aziraphale, his only friend. The archangel is sad and offers to do anything Crowley wants. The demon tells him to jump off the window and Gabriel heads to the window.

Stunned, Crowley tells him to stop just before he can jump. He is frustrated and tries to get answers out of Gabriel who says he feels like an empty house that cannot remember where the furnitures are but has an inkling. He tries to remember and recalls taking his memories and putting them in a matchbox.

Said matchbox is in Heaven with Muriel reporting to Michael and Uriel. They are frustrated that she couldn’t learn of the duo’s plan because she had given them privacy. As for news on Gabriel, they almost catch on that Aziraphale does not have a book-seller assistant and wonder who Jim is.

Gabriel and Crowley end up bonding with the demon bringing him a hot chocolate. Gabriel compliments him that he is nice and Crowley warns him not to tell anyone as no one would believe him anyway.

Downstairs, Aziraphale is busy turning the bookshop into a ballroom. He sends Crowley out to make sure Maggie and Nina are attending and the demon can’t help but look at Aziraphale in a new light. Mrs. Sandwich arrives and we see that her casual outfit has turned into a gown the moment she enters. Everyone is dressed for a ball and is talking as if they are in a Jane Austen novel.

However, Operation Lovebirds almost fails as a brokenhearted Nina wants to go home. Crowley suddenly notices something is off and orders her to go to the bookshop as it is the only safe place. Inside, Nina finds something is off and while she is supposed to be angry and sad she cannot feel it. It seems that everyone is in a trance but no one cares.

One of the discussions is between Ms. Cheng and Mrs. Sandwich about the latter’s profession. She cannot stop saying that she is a seamstress and after she describes her job we learn that she is a sex worker (in the 19th century, seamstress was code for prostitutes).

While Maggie heads to the bookshop, Crowley suddenly notices dozens of strange masked people following her. He stops them and takes off their masks to see that they are all demons after Gabriel. Confused, he scolds them for breaking the rules and rushes in. He is as surprised as Maggie and Nina as everyone is dancing and socialising.

Maggie asks Nina for a dance and while they enjoy it, they also seem to be aware of the trance that everyone is in including them. They are confused about the ballroom dancing and everyone’s Pride And Prejudice-type speech. Frustrated, Nina lets it slip that Lindsay has broken up with her probably cause she is hard-work. Maggie says she doesn’t mind it and the two lock eyes.

Gabriel is having the time of his life being a waiter dressed in a bedazzled blue suit while Mrs. Sandwich and the rest fawn over him. Crowley tries to tell Aziraphale about the danger outside but the angel pulls him in for a dance. As they dance, Crowley tries to get Aziraphale to take the danger outside seriously. Suddenly, Shax throws a rock through the window with the etching ‘Surrender the Angle’. 

Aziraphale tries to threaten the demons but Shax points out that he is an outcast and she can just keep killing humans till they give Gabriel. Crowley makes up a fake rule that they need to give time to evacuate humans as per the laws of battle. Gabriel sees that the fuss is being made over him and offers to go outside much to Aziraphale’s chagrin.

But when Gabriel steps outside, no one recognises him and Shax keeps berating him to tell the duo to send out Gabriel. Confused, he heads in and Crowley realises that their miracle has ruined Gabriel’s surrender.

They quickly line up the guests in a row with Crowley leading them away from the demons. Maggie and Nina decide to stay back to help Aziraphale who doesn’t look too worried as he tells them Crowley likes rescuing him. Nina just cocks an eyebrow and wonders why he doesn’t make his own rescue plans for once.

Outside, once the humans are away from the horde, Crowley spots Muriel and tells her to arrest him and take him to Heaven. She is dumbfounded that he saw through her human disguise and wonders if he is tricking her. He points out that she has arrested him and she nods and takes him to heaven.

The Episode Review

We thought we would have to really squint to find the Doctor Who references but here we have Aziraphale straight-up bribing a shopkeeper with a Doctor Who manual while Crowley looks flabbergasted. Looks like episode 5 should just be renamed the Doctor Who Easter Egg Special as that was not the only Doctor Who cameo (apart from David Tennant as Crowley, of course).

We had many more including Crowley playing around with the 11th Doctor’s fez. Oh and if you are a fan of the OG Doctor Who, the 5th Doctor, Peter Davison plays Job in episode 2. 

One of the very few qualms with Good Omens has been the waste of the iconic Miranda Richardson’s potential as Shax. But episode 5 dials it up by 1/75th of legion notches and makes her the best part. Her bantering with Demon Eric while trying to look cool and ferocious is exactly what we’d expect from a demon who doesn’t know how to spell or how a phone call works.

Meanwhile, Aziraphale’s French is basically him speaking English words with a French accent — a total mood for a millennia-old angel who knows several languages. And is season 2 the time for him and Crowley to finally accept that they are in love with each other? Nina does have a habit of making offhanded comments that strike a chord with the listener; Crowley in this case.

Quite amusing how it unlocks something in Crowley who has definitely not (totally) thought about Aziraphale romantically, his only friend. After all, he only spends his free time hanging around the angel for no reason other than to enjoy his antics. And listens to everything he says even though he may not like it. And goes against the big guys for Aziraphale. Totally not whipped behaviour, sure.

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