Good Omens – Season 2 Episode 4 “Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker” Recap & Review

Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker featuring the minisode Nazi Zombie Flesheaters

Episode 4 of Good Omens season 2 titled ‘Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker featuring the minisode Nazi Zombie Flesheaters’ begins with Aziraphale taking up a hitchhiker who ends up being Shax. She wonders why Crowley is risking his neck for Aziraphale by hiding Gabriel for him. She comments that Aziraphale isn’t Crowley’s type but remembers hearing a rumour a while back that they were an item.

She didn’t believe it back then especially since following up on that rumour had led to a demon Furfur being demoted for not being able to bring evidence. Aziraphale keeps trying to deny that he is the very same Aziraphale but she just asks him to let her out.

She tricks him into revealing Gabriel’s location by thanking him for telling her that he is in a bookshop. Aziraphale asks how did he tell her and she catches him. He never did, but his response gave it away that her guess of the bookshop was right. 

It cuts to London 1941 when Crowley demonically intervenes and a bomb explodes in the church where he and Aziraphale are meeting with 3 Nazi spies. However, the spies don’t die immediately and overhear Aziraphale thanking Crowley for his help. The demon even offers him a ride back to town as he has some work at a theatre.

Down in Hell, the Demon Furfur is tired of having to process the newly killed. Shax comes up with a proposition. She can help him get promoted to the Temptations Department if he alerts her of any angel-demon collaborations. Uh oh!

Back to work, Furfur is busy processing the newly-killed 3 Nazis – Greta, Glozier and Harmony. They keep grumbling as the bomb was never meant for the church but East-End London. Harmony blames Crowley and Furfur’s ears perk up. They state that someone called Aziraphale and Crowley worked together to cause a demonic intervention in a church.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Henderson of the Camelot Theatre is furious to see that the whiskey Crowley was smuggling in for her has been smashed due to the bomb. She is fed up with the constant problems as they don’t even have a magician any more. With Aziraphale wanting to thank Crowey for his help in the church, he offers his services as a magician.

As for Hell, Furfur comes up with a deal – the 3 Nazis can either rot in Hell for eternity like their commander or go back to Earth as zombies. All they need to do is find evidence of Aziraphale and Crowley canoodling. Then alert him through a ring and he will arrive with a camera to capture evidence.

Since Furfur has a miracle blocker, the duo won’t be able to perform any miracles and get away. The only catch is that the Nazies need to eat human brains or they will get super hungry. The trio agree and end up on Earth. After feasting on a scavenger at the church, they head to the pub opposite the bookshop to spy on the duo.

Inside, Crowley is sceptical while Aziraphale is over the moon as he has studied under a famous magician and even performed for Nefertiti. Crowley humours him and asks for a practice trick. At the pub, Harmony tries to lip-read Aziraphale only to say gibberish like banana, fish, gorilla, shoelace with dash of nutmeg and his compatriots are annoyed.

Crowley doubts Aziraphale’s trick of replacing a farthing with a penny and tries to help by taking him to a magic shop. The 3 zombies follow them with Glozier disguising himself with props and entering the shop. The owner and Crowley are worried for Aziraphale who keeps fumbling and messing up the props while declaring he is to perform at the West-End theatre.

Aziraphale suddenly spots a magic rifle and bullet and his heart is set on it. The owner does his best to stop him as he says Aziraphale needs a trusted confidante who will shoot the rifle at him and a license. The angel simply looks at Crowley and is assured that he has the right man as he tells the demon to trust him. With Aziraphale having a license and even a gun, the owner has nothing left to do but sell the rifle.

In the back, Glozier is busy playing with the props and when the zombies outside signal him to alert Furfur, he ends up twisting a prop ring which squirts ink. With the duo leaving, the zombies just decide to eat the owner and then head to the theatre.

It is showtime and Aziraphale is suddenly nervous. The zombies are finally able to call Furfur who activates the miracle blocker which will work for 30 minutes. Aziraphale tries to perform a miracle for a warm-up magic trick and when it fails even Crowley gets nervous and starts diligently going through the manual. Mrs. Henderson urges them to get on with the main trick and Aziraphale hands Crowley the rifle.

The trick is for Crowley to shoot the bullet past Aziraphale’s ear with the angel revealing a second hidden bullet in his mouth and claiming that he caught the bullet that was shot with his mouth. Of course, that is when Crowley offers to reveal that he has never shot a gun. The two start sweating and shaking with even the audience getting nervous for them.

Furfur takes a photograph of the two and then enjoys the show as he knows that if Crowley fails, they cannot perform any miracle to clean up the mess that will be the angel’s face. However, after much suspense, Crowley shoots, the bullet whizzes past Aziraphale and the excited angel reveals the hidden bullet in his mouth. The crowd goes wild and everyone cheers.

While the duo celebrates backstage, Furfur arrives to gloat only to be disappointed that Crowley doesn’t remember him. However, the plan is still on as he shows the duo the photograph of Aziraphale handing a rifle to Crowley. A nervous Aziraphale hands the photograph back to Furfur but Crowley is not worried.

Furfur being the demon he is, loopholes out of his deal with the zombies and says they had never mentioned anything about going back to being living human beings. The zombies consider it a win anyway and leave.

So does Furfur as he hands the envelope with the photograph to Hell’s council. They open to find that it only contains a pamphlet of the Camelot show. Turns out, Aziraphale pulled one last magic trick, by replacing the photo with the pamphlet, which indeed involved saying the words ‘banana, fish, gorilla, shoelace with dash of nutmeg’.

They drink together with Aziraphale commenting that he knew Crowley would come through. The demon simply says that it is because Aziraphale asked him to trust him. Aziraphale points out that he isn’t as evil as he paints himself to be. The demon not only accepts it but says that while Heaven sees things in black and white, he prefers to blur the edges. They toast to shades of grey.

In the present, Shax informs Beelzebub that she knows Gabriel is in the bookshop. The senior demon simply acknowledges it and Shax pushes further, asking to lead an army. Beelzebub points out that they cannot enter unless invited and Shax tells her not to worry. Pumped up, Beelzebub agrees to give her an army.

Aziraphale returns to London and spots Nina who is still having a tiff with Lindsay. He hasn’t found any other new information but Crowley is sure he will. He updates him that his rain and kiss plan didn’t work so now it is Aziraphale’s turn. He has just the right setting as the angel plans to host the shopkeeper and traders association monthly meeting.

The Episode Review

You wouldn’t think the werewolf from the Underworld movie series would be out here doing slapstick comedy. But oh Michael Sheen does it so well, viewers will be cringing and laughing at his bumbling magician tricks. It is also pretty hilarious that Aziraphale owns a gun while Crowley has never even shot one. And while in the past everyone has always poked fun at the duo’s closeness, it is quite refreshing to see them not denying it when Shax or Furfur accuse them. 

But not much happens in the present in episode 4 of Good Omens season 2. It is not necessarily a bad thing. If it was any other show, it wouldn’t have been a point of contention. But because of how well the previous 2 episodes were, we would have enjoyed the back and forth in this episode as well. The previous ones had a good balance of flashbacks and present-day mystery that helped us learn more about the duo while also unfolding the archangel plot. 

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