Good Omens – Season 2 Episode 3 “Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going” Recap & Review

Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going featuring the minisode The Resurrectionists

Episode 3 of Good Omens season 2 titled ‘Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going featuring the minisode The Resurrectionists’ begins with a regular commenting that her coffee is bad whenever Nina is in a fight with Lindsay. They notice Muriel dressed up in an all-white police uniform heading to the Fell Bookshop.

Muriel announces that she is a human police sent to keep an eye on Aziraphale while Crowley grumbles about the angel taking his car to Edinburgh. The duo are amused as they mess around with Muriel who keeps trying to pretend that she is a 200-year-old human whose name is Inspector Constable. They promise to tell her everything Aziraphale does and she falls for it.

Alone together, they deduce that she has been sent to verify the ‘love miracle’. They tell her that humans take time to fall in love and even send her to do some recce with poor Muriel point-blank asking a confused Nina about her love life. As for Crowley, he needs to run the bookshop but not sell any books, look after Gabriel and worry about Aziraphale ruining his car as he heads to The Resurrectionist pub.

In a flashback, we see that the duo is in Edinburgh being surprised by an eerily accurate statue of Gabriel at a graveyard. They spot a girl named Elspeth digging up bodies to pay for food. Aziraphale is scandalised as Crowley helps her. The angel goes on and on about the wrongs of stealing bodies and Elspeth’s friend, Morag agrees. But both Elspeth and Crowley point out that being paid for the body which can then be used for food and shelter trumps righteousness.

In the present, Aziraphale has a swell time with the Bentley that he has completely changed. Classical music plays on the radio, he is going below the speed limit, honking at other cars and has turned the car yellow. Crowley feels the changes and his voice comes through the radio as he threatens Aziraphale to step on the pedal otherwise he will start selling books.

Beelzebub is having an existential crisis as she wonders what it feels like to be appreciated for doing a good job. Gabriel is fascinated by gravity and keeps hounding Crowley with questions. They notice a fly and he points out how flies are an exception to gravity. Crowley could care less as he is more interested in Operation Lovebirds and how to get Nina and Maggie to fall in love.

In Victorian Edinburgh, Aziraphale disapproves Elspeth’s cadaver hunting and sabotages it. They show up at a Mr. Darlymple’s establishment with the body that has turned into soup courtesy of Aziraphale’s miracle. Elspeth stomps out while the Aziraphale decides to learn a little bit more about the graverobbing to stop it at its root.

Darlymple points out how studying dead bodies can help save lives more effectively and recalls a young boy with cancer that he failed to save. This moves the angel. He goes back to Elspeth and declares that he has changed his mind and she has his full permission. Morag, however, is still uneasy about it but agrees to help them dig up a new body.

It goes awfully wrong as Morag is scared by a dead body and is fatally shot by a trap set up by rich people to stop grave-robbing. The duo is surprised by Elspeth’s callous reaction of taking Morag’s body to Darlymple who underpays her. She steals some laudanum and decides to kill herself and join Morag. While Aziraphale tries to reason with her, Crowley simply drinks the laudanum.

He starts behaving drunkenly and ends up shrinking and growing like a giant. The other two are confused till Aziraphale realises that Crowley is trying to scare her. The giant demon declares that suicide is a sin and the only way out is for Aziraphale to give all his money to Elspeth and use it for good. She promises to live a good life and leaves, now a rich woman.

Aziraphale is impressed with Crowley’s quick thinking who just blames it on the laudanum. The angel also worries as it might have alerted Hell. Before Crowley can cast away his fears he is sucked into Hell for his punishment. 

In the present day, Aziraphale heads to the pub to see that it is an ode to Darlymple. He asks the bartender who recognizes Gabriel’s picture and reveals that the archangel used to frequent the pub with another acquaintance. He heads to the graveyard and borrows a phone from two menacing people.

He calls Crowley to fill him in on his new findings. With Aziraphale not actually having any new information, Crowley cuts the call on spotting Maggie and Nina together. While Maggie confronts Nina for giving her the cold shoulder, Crowley calls forth rain. The girls take shelter under a clothed roof with Nina apologising as she was actually angry at Lindsay for thinking she was having an affair with Maggie.

Nina offhandedly comments that she is probably not Maggie’s type but Maggie says she is. As they lock eyes, Crowley cheers from the shop. However, at that moment the clothed roof breaks and they are drenched in the rain. Shocked and annoyed, Nina stomps off with Maggie rushing to catch up with her.

But the moment is definitely gone and Crowley tells Gabriel his tempest failed. This triggers Gabriel who relays a dark prophecy on a tempest and of the dead rising. When the trance breaks, Gabriel has no idea what he just said. 

At that moment, Shax pays Crowley a visit and announces that Hell is close to declaring war on Aziraphale as they have discerned that he is probably hiding Gabriel in his bookshop. Crowley brushes it off and curtly shuts the door on her. However, he is actually worried for Aziraphale and tries to threaten Gabriel but sees it is futile as the archangel has no idea what is going on.

The Episode Review

It is always funny to see Aziraphale when he and Crowley get in on the joke as seen when they play along and tease Muriel. Why is Crowley worried about the car, though? At least Aziraphale is in no danger of crashing the Bentley at the snail-crawling speed that he drives in. Oh, and who wouldn’t pay good money to have David Tennant as Crowley for their car’s GPS?

Meanwhile, Gabriel is a little kid who is super curious about everything and keeps questioning everything. And who thought it was a good idea to have Crowley babysit Gabriel, run the shop and run Operation Lovebirds on his own? Though we doubt Aziraphale would be able to help. But Sherlock Fell may definitely be onto something. Hopefully, he finds out before the rising dead tempest arrives.

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