Good Omens – Season 2 Episode 1 “Chapter 1: The Arrival” Recap & Review

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Episode 1 of Good Omens season 2 titled ‘Chapter 1: The Arrival’ begins with Angel Crowley creating a nebula in space with a little help from Aziraphale. No, he’s not God, Crowley is simply executing God’s plan and he is excited. Only for it to be short-lived as Aziraphale tells him God’s plan of ending it in 6000 years thanks to humans.

Yep, humans are the centre of existence with the nebula and its stars being a fancy wallpaper for them to gaze upon. Crowley is not happy and hopes to make a few suggestions. When Aziraphale warns him about questioning God, Crowley wonders what the worst can happen. However, they enjoy the view with Crowley covering Aziraphale with his wing as stars are born.

It cuts to present-day London with landlord Aziraphale foregoing rent from Maggie, who can barely keep her record shop afloat, in exchange for some records. Elsewhere, Crowley is reading a newspaper and berating about how pointless life is while being visited by Shax. She hints that something is up, in Up and for him to let her know if he knows anything about it. He brushes it off. 

Maggie is getting quite friendly with the coffee shop owner Nina who knows her as a regular. Their conversation is cut short as they and the rest of the street notice a naked Gabriel with a box walking towards Aziraphale’s bookshop. Aziraphale is shocked not only to see that he is naked but that the archangel doesn’t seem to remember him.

In a roundabout way, Aziraphale finally gleans out bits and pieces – something terrible was to happen to Gabriel so he left, he has a box that is important and he thinks Aziraphale can help. The box which was left outside in the confusion seems to be empty except for an insect which Aziraphale doesn’t notice.

Meanwhile, Archangel Michael has declared that anyone found helping Gabriel will face ‘extreme sanctions’. Crowley is trying to show Shax the ropes who not only calls but also teleports to give him news. Gabriel is in trouble and Crowley is delighted.

Do you know who is not delighted? Aziraphale, who is trying to get answers out of an amnesiac Gabriel, who is simply fascinated by hot chocolate. Aziraphale decides to hide him by giving him the name Jim and calling Crowley for help. The duo meet at Nina’s cafe and she asks Aziraphale about his naked friend which has Crowley confused.

With Aziraphale acting weirder than usual, the demon guesses that something is up. They head back to the bookshop and Crowley gets a jumpscare as he spots a naked Gabriel covered in just a blanket. While Aziraphale wants to help him, Crowley doesn’t want anything to do with the archangel who had tried to kill them. They part ways as Aziraphale refuses to let Crowley dump Gabriel somewhere. 

Just as Nina is closing for the night, Maggie arrives with a record for her. But when the cafe owner doesn’t show any enthusiasm, Maggie is awkward and apologises. Nina also lets it known that she has a partner, Lindsay who doesn’t like it when she’s late and doesn’t text back.

Outside, a furious Crowley is unable to check his anger and explodes. The consequential lightning accidentally blows out the power in Nina’s cafe and she and Maggie are locked in while their phones are dead.  

Upstairs, Uriel and Michael are having a face-off on who should replace Gabriel as the supreme archangel. A lower-rung angel, Muriel brings a clue — a matchbox that has a Bible verse by Job. While there is nothing else special about it, it gives one big clue. It has something to do with Gabriel and he is on Earth. 

As for Crowley, Beelzebub pays him a visit and takes him back to hell. The demon offers a proposal – bring Gabriel’s in exchange for a hefty promotion. He also lets it known that Heaven is not too happy and if anyone is seen helping Gabriel will face ‘extreme sanctions’ aka erasure from existence. Poor Crowley panics for his friend and rushes back to the bookstore. 

A stuck Maggie and Nina try to bond as the latter cannot understand why Maggie runs a records shop in this day and age. Maggie reveals that the shop was her family’s and was part of the Fell Bookshop because of which Aziraphale is always kind to her. Nina, on the hand, drinks and worries about Lindsay who is probably annoyed by her tardiness. They spot Crowley and call out to him for help. He simply brings the power back and they are shocked. 

Back in the bookshop, Aziraphale plays hard to get and wants an apology dance from Crowley. When he refuses, Aziraphale points out all the times he had to do it (Cromwell’s rise, French Revolution, World War II – did Crowley predict these moments and Aziraphale refused to believe him?). Crowley gives in and bursts into a little song and dance and the angel is satisfied. 

Back to business, they come up with a plan to hide Gabriel. They each are to do half a miracle to hide the archangel from Heaven and Hell and no alarm bells will supposedly go off in either of their sectors. While they think they have succeeded, Heaven is blaring with alarms and the archangels have noticed that Aziraphale has performed a half miracle. Michael deduces that he knows something.

The Episode Review

Crowley creates the universe!? Well, that’s a thought. It would be super hilarious if they went with the route of Crowley being God. But even when they clear it up, it is equally funny with Aziraphale explaining how the nebula is just ‘fancy wallpaper’ for humans to look at. Ah, we missed their bickering. And how cute are they with Aziraphale worrying for Crowley even though he has met him for 5 minutes while Crowley shades him from the stars with his wings? 

And then the surprising difference between Angel Crowley and Demon Crowley who is going through an existential crisis is so relatable. We all remember how full of life we were initially before being disillusioned with reality. Of course, we have to talk about Maggie and Nina basically being the human and female versions of Aziraphale and Crowley. Though, Lindsay might have to get out of the picture before we ship them together, but they definitely have our attention.

Well, we could go on and on about each scene in the premiere episode but then it would get longer than the recap. Point being, Good Omens season 2 was definitely worth the way and we can’t wait to see how its story will play out.

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  1. He didn’ create the universe, only a specific area of of space with some nebula (nebulae?). Confirmed by Neil Gaiman.

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