Good Omens Episode 6 – The Finale – Recap & Review

The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives

The finale of Good Omens begins at the end – with Crowley on trial in Hell for his crimes and sentenced to death. Before we can get there though, we jump back in time to the moments prior to him arriving at the airbase.

With a gun in tow, they hurry to stop Adam before its too late. Aziraphale readies himself to shoot the Antichrist but Tracey takes control and stops him at the last second. Adam watches the blast spiral into the sky before deciding they should be two people again and they turn back to normal. Despite the antagonisms from the four horsemen, Adam’s friends step forward and intellectually challenge them, defeating their physical prowess with wishes while Anathema stops the nuclear launches with some ingenious engineering.

However, despite everything being resolved on Earth, Gabriel and Lord Beelzebub arrive from Heaven and Hell, telling Adam he must re-launch the Apocalypse. Adam refuses and as things look set to become more serious, Aziraphale steps forward and asks if the plan they’re referring to is the Great Plan or the Ineffable Plan, explaining they can’t really know God’s ultimate plans. Realizing that the rogue Angel may have a point, they instead tell the Antichrist’s father what’s happened. His real Father that is; Satan.

Aziraphale, Crowley and Adam are all whisked away to a desert plain where the two otherworldly beings advise him to try and change the world for the better. Offering him words of wisdom, they’re all dropped back on Earth where Adam rejects Satan. Unable to contain his rage, Satan looks set to destroy everything but Adam is defiant, stepping forward and denying his real Father given his absence from his life, causing him to fade from existence. At this point, Adam essentially changes the world, re-writing the past and present. Aziraphale’s bookshop returns, un-burnt, as does Crowley’s prized car. However Adam himself is grounded by his real parents.

All seems well until Crowley sees Death while in the park, booming the word “ineffable”, resulting in Aziraphale tied up and taken away by the angels while Crowley himself is taken by the demons. They’re sentenced to the worst death for their treachery – hellfire for the angel and holy water for the demon. However, in an interesting twist of fate, both of them wind up unscathed from their punishments, having seemingly transcended beyond their forms. With both Heaven and Hell letting them go for now, they return to Earth and wait until no one is watching before switching back to their original forms, having fooled everyone.

The episode, and series, then ends with Adam chasing after his friends after having initially let them go, waving at Anathema on the way who burns the last of the prophecies.

Despite the slightly anticlimactic way this one wraps up its big conflict, Good Omens delivers a really well written finale, tying up all the loose ends and managing to resolve things in a relatively satisfying manner. Although Anathema’s story is the weak link here, despite her important part of the story, the rest of the plot lines do a great job keeping things moving at a consistent pace. Good Omens has been a really interesting series, one that’s managed to maintain a perfect pacing all the way through its run time. It’s testament to the great work done here but Amazon’s Original series bows out on a high, delivering a thoroughly enjoyable 6 episodes and a satisfying ending to this series.


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