Good Omens Episode 5 “The Doomsday Option” Recap & Review

Adam’s Choice

Good Omens picks up where it left off from before for its penultimate episode, with Crowley arriving at the burning wreckage of the bookshop. With him firmly in the bad books with Hell, especially after killing Ligur, Crowley heads off to bury his grief in alcohol while Adam continues to live up to his prophetic fate.

Back up in Heaven, the troops are being prepared for war but Aziraphale demands to be put back on Earth. Despite the angels telling him it can’t be done, he steps over to the giant globe and touches England; disintegrating into the globe and back to Earth. Only, he appears as an apparition where he tells Crowley to head to the airfield where the end of the world is supposed to take place. After joking about sharing a body together, he fades out in search of a host.

With 1 hour 43 minutes to go until the end of the world, Aziraphale manages to inhabit the body of Tracey while Crowley gets stuck in the biggest traffic jam ever seen. Ironically, this jam happens to be his own creation. While our demon sits stewing in traffic, Hastur manages to escape from the telephone and appears next to Crowley in his car after killing all the telephone operators, grinning and telling him it’s all over.

Aziraphale, still inhabiting Tracey’s, tells Sergeant Shardwell all about the Antichrist as he arrives at the house. Speaking of, Adam himself manages to scare away his friends and dog, with the voices in his head telling him he doesn’t need them anymore. Adam realizes what he’s done though and launches himself into the sky. With an almighty roar, he turns back into Adam again and presumably shakes free of the menacing grip the hell demons had over him. He grabs Dog and the others, telling them it’s not over and they need to go to the end of the world and stop it with him.

All our characters then converge at Tadfield airfield where the end of the world is scheduled to start. The four horsemen arrive first and they firmly take control of the apocalypse starting, causing the electrics to go haywire and prepping the launch of nuclear warheads the world over. Adam then arrives and rides into the airbase while Aziraphale waits patiently at the gates with Shardwell. Having disposed of Hastur, Crowley arrives in his flaming car, making a grand entrance as the four horsemen catch wind of the Antichrist’s arrival.

With all the pieces aligned, Good Omens prepares itself for an almighty showdown between the two forces. There’s a good amount of work done to get our characters to this point too, with enough humour along the way to keep things tonally consistent. Crowley is the real winner here though and the constant bursts of Queen that fill the airwaves are a great inclusion here. Good Omens delivers another great episode with a climactic showdown in the finale looking like a very tantalizing prospect.


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