Good Omens Episode 3 “Hard Times” Recap & Review

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Taking a slight break from the ongoing Apocalypse saga, Good Omens jumps back in time to show Crowley and Aziraphale’s relationship through the years, from the Great Flood and King Arthur through to Shakespeare and the Nazi’s. This section works well too, breaking the episode up sufficiently while deepening the complicated relationship between our Angel and Demon. It’s a great way to start the episode too and a good chunk of the run-time is dedicated to showing this, which works surprisingly well.

Back in present time, Aziraphale contemplates his next move while Anathema smashes up pots and curses her recklessness with losing the book of prophecies in the back of the car. However, she gets talking to a passing Adam who invites her in to her house. Breaking the curse hanging over Dog, Adam commands his pet into the house too and we see the horse-shoe above the door, the protection against evil, dim from the angry shade of red it adopts. They get talking and she explains she’s an occultist but can’t explain why she can’t see his aura.

Meanwhile, Aziraphale calls on the help of his witch-hunting friends to investigate the town of Tadfield where he believes the Antichrist is. Deciding to stick to the side of Good and help them win the upcoming war, he severs ties with Crowley despite their tight bond over the years. Begrudgingly, he walks away from them while Aziraphale watches on, trying to convince himself he’s done the right thing.

The episode then ends with the Adam heading to bed where voices coerce him into letting his dreams become reality. We then cut to a Nuclear plant where it’s revealed the nuclear reactor has turned into a sherbet lemon, signalling the start of the apocalypse.

Despite episode 3 dedicating a good chunk of its run time to the complicated relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale, the episode itself is arguably the strongest of the season. There’s a great amount of work done here to flesh this out through the ages and this is ultimately what makes this episode so enjoyable. Of course, seeing David Tennant and Michael Sheen playing their roles to perfection helps too and the end of the episode certainly leaves things hanging in the balance.


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