Good Omens Episode 2 “The Book” Recap & Review

The Book Of Prophecies

Episode 2 of Good Omens begins with head office checking on Crowley’s progress with the Antichrist. Informing them there’s nothing to worry about, he hides the fact he may have been following the wrong child for the last 11 years. Aziraphale fears as much, lying to his superiors around whats happening with the boy too. With only 2 days remaining until Armageddon, things certainly do hang in the balance.

We then cut back in time to see a Witch Hunt take place for a woman named Agnes Nutter whose prophecies stand the test of time, right through to present day where they wind up in a Malibu home in California. This prophecy revolves around finding the heart of darkness and destroying it. Could this be linked to the Antichrist? Anathema thinks as much, as she packs her things up and heads for Britain.

Meanwhile, Crowley scolds his houseplants in one of the most memorable moments of the episode, before joining Aziraphale and tracking down the real Antichrist. Adam, however, walks through the woods playing British Inquisition, unbeknownst to him that Anathema arrives and greets them in passing. She continues on her way, oblivious to Adam’s importance while Aziraphale and Crowley arrive at the property.

After switching paint balls for real bullets, Crowley comes across one of the Nuns from 11 years prior and asks her about the baby swap. It turns out one of the demons, Hastur, has burnt all the records from that night. As they drive off in search of the Antichrist, they hit Anathema in the woods, prompting Aziraphale to hastily offer her a lift. After dropping her off at the village, she accidentally leaves her book of prophecies in the car which Aziraphale finds and hastily takes it with him inside his book store As it happens, the prophecy inside is actually intended for himself and as he reads the words, he realizes he holds the key to finding out who the Antichrist is.

The numbers 6 “threescore” 6 show up in the words of the book. “It’s can’t be that simple…can it?” he ponders before reaching for the phone to find out. The number rings and a voice answers; lo and behold, he gets through to the right house for the Antichrist.

Once again Good Omens delivers a really enjoyable episode. While some of the work with Anathema is a little lacklustre and pales in comparison to the main plot line, there’s enough here to make for a decent ride all the same. The humour really helps drive the episode forward too and for the most part, the relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale acts as the drive for many of the episode’s best moments. Hearing Crowley scold houseplants may just be my favourite moment from any TV show this year and this absurdist humour is ultimately what makes this show so memorable. Another good one this, Good Omens continues to impress with its cleverly written narrative.


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