Good Morning Veronica – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of Good Morning Veronica begins with Veronica arriving at Janete’s house and pleading with her to talk. Veronica tells Janete she needs to find evidence against her husband to press charges. As they sit together, Janete shows her chopped hair and hangs her head in shame. Only, this serves as a fuel needed for Veronica to press on with this case.

Desperate to find the ranch, Veronica heads back to the station and speaks to Nelson about what he’s uncovered. After an icy reception from Anita, Veronica remains home but her work follows; Paulo and Vero visit the exact same restaurant that Marta went to. However, Paulo doesn’t seem too deterred and for now their relationship remains stable.

After her chat with Veronica, Janete phones her Mother and learns that Janice hasn’t returned home yet. This leads her to the chilling realization that Claudio’s next victim may very well have been her own flesh and blood.

Prata introduces Veronica to her friend Enedia who helps shed more light on the case. Specifically, she talks about the box and its psychological impact on Janete. The cutting hair is “next level” and could well be the next step toward murder itself. Given Claudio is part of the military police, this only complicates matters further as time continues to tick away on this case.

Instead, Veronica turns her attention to Tania. As she digs into the woman’s past it turns out she had surgery. Given Marta did too, it seems the one thing linking these victims together is that they each had surgery. This certainly narrows down the list of people responsible.

Unfortunately that’s the least of Veronica’s problems. When Veronica heads home she finds a police car parked across the street and senses it could be Claudio. However, that doesn’t deter her as she heads in and starts siphoning through a list of prospective matches until she finds the predator online.

She poses as a woman recently out of surgery with a scar cross her belly and manages to bag a date for that night. Annoyingly, Anita takes control of the case and takes it away from Vero. She even goes so far as to clap sarcastically when she asks to be the one taking out Giorgio.

Acting professionally, Veronica brushes aside the coldness and works with Anita to track down this man whose real name is Gregorio Duarte. Cornering him outside, they bring him in for questioning along with a slew of evidence pointing at him as the culprit.

With the case closed, Anita takes all the praise, much to Veronica’s annoyance.

Carvana and Anita takes control of the interview while Veronica works with the rest of the group to sift through the mountain of evidence they now have. Veronica finds a whole box full of shoes – 23 different pairs to be precise. Unfortunately their worst fears about being a serial offender ring true.

On the back of Veronica’s hard work, Carvana approaches his niece and offers her a new opportunity. Only, Vero refuses to leave until the case with Janete is wrapped up and solved.

Speaking of which, Janete starts to pull away from Claudio but his hold is too strong. He turns the story again and tells her that Janice never wanted to be near her. She only arrived for the money not to see her.

Convicting Janete that she already has a family, Claudio doubles his efforts and heads back out with another victim. This time though, Janete does her best to remember every single step taken. This continues with her removing the box from her head and studying the room and the victim.

Plucking up enough courage, she exits out the bunker and starts trying to find evidence to pin against Claudio. As she starts rooting around, she spies Claudio with a strange old lady who appears to be doing a ritual. As Janete looks over, she’s spotted.

The Episode Review

Tania and Marta’s case appears to be solved now but the resolution does feel a little anticlimactic. Now the attention turns to Claudio as Veronica tries to catch this man and stop his murderous reign.

The cat fight between Anita and Veronica is a little tropey though and doesn’t do a lot to drive the narrative forward.

Hopefully this has a significant part in the story to come but for now this is the one blemish that holds this back from being as strong as the earlier episode. Still, there’s enough enjoyment with this one to keep watching.

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