Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap and Review

The Bouncing Head

Following last week’s shocking cliffhanger, Good Casting returns this week with a continuation of our storyline as we finally find out who Michael is. Alongside that reveal are the usual sub-plots but with no Woo-Won this time, more focus is given on Chan-Mi and CEO Yoon’s flirting which continues to sport that hilarious musical undertone that helps heighten the scenes between them.

Episode 7 of Good Casting sees us return to the warehouse as our ladies realize the bomb is about to blow. Scrambling together, they remove the vest from Cheol-Woong while Chan-Mi holds the doors open for the others to throw it through. As it explodes, our trio of ladies hold the door closed together as Mr Ok struggles to get through to his contact, who’s subsequently blown to pieces in the wake of the explosion.

In the aftermath of this, Chan-Mi sports a broken arm but is told she should be healed in 2-3 weeks. Cheol-Woong happens to be safe in custody while Mr Dong finds himself in a meeting with Chief Seo who berates him for not thinking things through, especially given how sideways the plan went. However, he adds fuel to the fire by suggesting they may have a mole in their midst.

The girls leave to head back home for the day where Mi-Soon does some investigating, finding cigarette ash and soju that may belong to her teenager daughter. At the same time, Chan-Mi heads back to Il Kwang where she speaks to the CEO, who contemplates whether he should have taken her with him on his business trip. When she leaves to go back to her office, the CEO finds himself in an awkward position when Hwa-Ran arrives and begins antagonizing him.

The team hit a breakthrough when Mr Ok receives a message from Michael asking to meet at 2pm. Mr Dong uses the cameras planted in his office to see this and proceeds to gather the team, despite it being the weekend. Chan-Mi happens to be on a blind date at that very same meeting place but when her date’s ex arrives, things get awkward until Chan-Mi knocks him out and heads to the van.

Mi-Soon meanwhile poses as a waiter, happily trying the new dishes presented to them. Only, Mr Ok receives a message telling him the NIS are onto him and leaves.

In the aftermath of this, and a hilarious scene depicting Mi-Soon chasing after the van, the group work on their next plan which involves Mi-Soon infiltrating the building again and returning to her familiar spot in the air-ducts.

Once there, she looks down on Mr Ok but as he looks up, he sees her and immediately gets scared, prompting his associate to take him outside to cool off. Only, once out there he tells Mr Ok about “The Bouncing Head” ghost but he’s adamant it wasn’t human.

It’s just the opening Mi-Soon needed and she sneaks down and hacks his phone. Mr Ok returns to his office just in time for Mi-Soon to escape and head back to the van. As she hands over the phone and reveals the speed-dialed number for Michael, Chan-Mi phones through.

As the phone vibrates across the table, the camera pans out to reveal that NIS Chief Seo is actually Michael and the one who informed Mr Ok he was being watched.

During the epilogue, CEO Yoon and Chan-Mi continue their awkwardness as Yoon puts a blanket around Chan-Mi while she’s sleeping. As her face is about to hit the desk, he holds her face but when she awakens, he becomes flustered and hurries out the room.

The best way to describe Good Casting is to imagine a cross between Charlie’s Angels and Bollywood action flicks. This Korean drama actually does a pretty good job combining them both though and the series certainly does enough with the characters to keep you rooting for them and watching the next episode.

As a personal gripe though, seeing the girls constantly putting their hand up to ear is a little too obvious and certainly defies logic when their target is in the same room. On top of that it’s a little disappointing to see some of the early artistic cues no longer used aside from the film reel segments and I can’t help but feel the show could do with injecting a bit more of these creative edits to help this stand out.

The reveal of who Michael is certainly raises some eyebrows though and it’ll be interesting to see what direction the show takes this going forward. For now though, Good Casting continues to offer up some decent entertainment and quite what will happen next, remains to be seen.

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