Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap and Review

The Bomb

Good Casting returns for an exciting episode as our trio of ladies manage to arrange a meeting with Cheol-Woong’s contact in the hope of tracking down Michael. With more contrived comedy this time that relies a bit too heavily on toilet humour,  Good Casting loses some of the shine it had early on but continues to deliver a lighthearted espionage romp.

Episode 6 of Good Casting begins with Ye-Eul heading back to check on Woo-Won on the plane but unfortunately his eyes are completely swollen and puffy thanks to him eating the pistachio nuts. Because of this, she’s told to head back to Korea by her superiors. Once there, a whole crowd swarm around to try and snap a photo of Woo-Won but of course his puffy eyes prompt Ye-Eul to jump in the line of fire and save him, shielding the celebrity with her coat and escorting him out the airport.

Meanwhile, Chan-Mi and Mr Dong keep hold of Cheol-Woong and land back in Korea, stuffing him into the van. On the way to the safe area, Chief Seo tries desperately to get through to them but they aren’t picking up.

With Cheol-Woong tied up and threatened with a hammer and liquid nitrogen, he caves and mentions the package was supposed to be given to his contact, Wang Kai. As the NIS agents sit and talk, they formulate a plan to try and catch this mystery man, with the hope of tracing it back to Michael. For now, the team are on stand-by until they make contact.

Following his defeat on the plane, Chief Tak is taken off the case and in his stead, Mr Ok is promoted to lead the project. News of this spreads across to CEO Yoon too who suspects something is going on given the trip to Taiwan and how abruptly the Director has changed personnel. For now though, he remains in the dark about what’s going on.

In Chinatown, Mr Ok is euphoric about his new job role and learns that Wang Kai has landed. A shadowy man arrives, one with a tattoo of an M on his hand, and briefs him on the details.

While they do, Wang Kai phones Cheol-Woong and the NIS manage to secure a meeting at 10pm within the Paju Distribution Centre.

That evening, the group head to the building and Ye-Eul pleads with the others to let her join in the operation. Despite it bringing back painful memories of the past with Min-Seok asking the same thing before his untimely demise, the group eventually allow her to join them.

With the exchange in hand, the trio of ladies burst in the room but unfortunately Cheol-Woong happens to be sitting tied up with C4 strapped to his chest. Out of options, they’re forced to drop their weapons and watch helplessly as Wang-Kai and the others leave, forced to be set free to avoid the bombs being blown sky high.

Chan-Mi starts fighting with the mystery man and tasks Ye-Eul and Mi-Soon to diffuse the bomb while she fights. As Ye-Eul cuts the different wires, Wang-Kai makes it back to Mr Ok and they begin the process of checking the chip on their laptop. While they do, back in the warehouse the bomb explodes despite their best efforts, engulfing everyone inside and causing the windows to shatter.

It’s a shocking moment and one that leaves the door wide open surrounding just who may have survived this. During the epilogue we jump back 15 years and see more of Yoon writing a love letter to Chan-Mi and putting a ring inside one of the gloves. A glove, as it turns out, that happens to be hanging in Chan-Mi’s house in the present time.

With another big cliffhanger at the end and question marks surrounding who may have survived this bomb blast, Good Casting leaves the door wide open for next week’s set of episodes. Seeing Cheol-Woong urinate himself again is probably the low point of the entire hour, especially given we saw this before in the previous episode. Having said that, the humour itself continues to work pretty well alongside the darker storyline.

It’s not perfect, and the series is certainly not without its flaws, but as a lighthearted espionage comedy, Good Casting continues to prove to be an enjoyable watch.

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