Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap and Review

Ready For Take-off

Good Casting returns this week with a continuation of our main plotline and things are certainly starting to heat up now. With a little less comedy this time and more focus on the overarching narrative, our trio of ladies start to close in on Cheol-Woong and Secretary Koo after what transpired last episode.

In the wake of Mr Dong’s stabbing, episode 5 of Good Casting begins with Chan-Mi jumping on a motorbike and racing after the car holding Secretary Koo while the others follow close behind in the van. After a big chase, they manage to capture her, prompting the girls to race off to the hospital to check on Mr Dong. Thankfully their boss happens to be okay as the bullet simply grazed him which is a relief.

At the station, Mi-Soon heads in to interrogate Secretary Koo while Ye-Eul informs Mr Dong about the watch and how Koo’s clearly looking for something. Eventually Koo caves in the wake of the interrogation and admits that there’s a chip inside. This is where Mi-Soon pieces together what’s really going on, especially given Cheol-Woong switched the watches, but as she opens it up she realizes there’s no chip inside.

Ye-Eun heads off to check on Woo-Won in hospital and expresses genuine concern for him. Unfortunately the concussion has caused his memory to go a bit fuzzy and he can’t remember why he hired Ye-Eul. She takes advantage of it though and works as his assistant in order to coerce him into signing the contract again. Heading back home, she holds her daughter tightly after a stressful day tending to Woo-Won and vows to find the ones responsible for Min-Seok’s death.

The group work together the next day to find Cheol-Woong, scouring CCTV footage and eventually finding him at the airport wearing a disguise. Unfortunately this good news is shattered by Secretary Koo being let go. Given Woo-Won is suffering from memory loss and can’t testify while Chief Seo is working with Director Myeong, an exasperated Chan-Mi heads in to see her boss and tries in vain to change his mind. Instead, she mentions about Cheol-Woong at the airport and asks for 20 hours to capture him.

Woo-Won and Ye-Eul head off together, with Woo-Won convinced that she’s his manager. Ye-Eul is treated poorly by the celebrity, forced to take a cab and carry his bags while they head off to meet a contact who only speaks Mandarin in Taiwan. Awkwardly, Ye-Eul’s resume states she’s fluent in the language but that’s obviously not true.

As she boards the plane, the entire group happen to be there in disguises. As they prepare to take off, the group struggle to find Cheol-Woong who happens to be nervously sipping water in coach. Unfortunately Chief Tak also happens to be onboard the plane.

As everyone realizes where Cheol-Woong is sitting, he races up and down the plane desperate to use the toilet. Only, he trips down the aisle and ends up wetting himself. As he does, Chief Tak runs into Chan-Mi and the two fight. While they do, Mr Dong acquires the watch from Cheol-Woong’s arm, with a triumphant “package acquired” closing out the episode.

During the epilogue, Yoon and Chan-Mi talk in his office about her likeness to the woman he used to date and he admits that he thought she was the same woman. As she stitches up his jacket, she leaves the same familiar style of pattern on his back as she did in the past. Is he going to figure out who she is?

With another consistent episode, Good Casting continues to impress as it weaves the espionage drama in with its comedy. The series has done well so far to blend these in seamlessly together and the lighthearted elements work so well to offset the darker drama. In a way, this is the quintessential Korean answer to Charlie’s Angels and the chemistry these three ladies have together works really well.

The reveal with Mr Dong is a bit anticlimactic though, especially given how much weight was put into him being shot last episode. Aside from that though, the series has done well to keep things consistent throughout. All eyes now turn to the next episode as the NIS appear to havwe the upper-hand. Whether this stays that way for very long however, remains to be seen.

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