Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap and Review

Michael Is Revealed

Good Casting returns this week and we finally find out who Michael is. It’s a pretty shocking reveal too and one that certainly caught me off-guard as we gear up for the final fight for justice. The trio of leading ladies come together for their own little skirmish before this and the inclusion of Woo-Won and Ye-Eun’s blossoming relationship injects just the right amount of humour into this. With the final two episodes to come, Good Casting bows out with a pretty good episode.

Episode 14 of Good Casting begins with Seo warning Bong that Myeong isn’t one to take lightly and offers himself up as bait. This catches us up to the chase on the road as Bong and the group follow Seo in hot pursuit. Unfortunately the van is stopped by a truck on the road but Chan-Mi happens to be in a separate car and keeps driving.

Seo is brought before Myeong who demands he hand over the original file. Instead, Seo holds his own and asks who Michael is, receiving a blow to the face for his troubles. He stands his ground though, just as Chan-mi fights her way into the compound. With bodies strewn across the floor, the one survivor happens to be Myeong who rushes in and destroys the pen holding the audio evidence. Unfortunately, Seo has also slipped away and seemingly fooled them all. The one positive note from this though comes from the group managing to arrest Myeong.

At the same time, Seo thanks his accomplice and hands over money, promising to drop a “nuclear bomb” and kill them all in the future.

Back in the villa, Chan-Mi realizes all the guards have the letter M tattooed on them. This means they’re all related to Michael in one way or another. In order to bring Myeong down though, they need conclusive evidence and enough to put him away.

For now, Ye-Eun meets Woo-Won who remembers everything. Her cover is blown and unfortunately that also means his meeting with Dong was staged too. He snaps, breaking the photo and threatening to sue. In order to quell his concerns, he tasks her with sending him selfies and updating him on everything she does.

Hwa-Wan and Yoon meet and discuss his relationship with Chan-Mi, specifically threatening him with releasing the scandalous details of their affair to the press and the board.

Meanwhile, Mi-Soon interviews Myeong and tries to get a confession from him but fails to do so. However, it does become apparent that Seo definitely has something against him. In the wake of this, she heads up to Joo-Yeon’s school and squares up to the parents regarding their daughters being bullies.

Only, it’s too much for her and as she heads out, both Ye-Eun and Chan-Mi agree to team up and visit the CSR (Coin singing room) where the girls happen to be. When their boyfriends show up, the three girls beat up the guys and humiliate them, prompting Mi-Soon to hand over the button for their jacket as an act of kindess and stop their bullying once and for all. With the situation now seemingly handled, the three girls go and have a karaoke session together.

In the aftermath of this, Woo-Won organises a home-cooked meal for Ye-Eun, complete with numerous dishes he claims are home-cooked. Only, they’re definitely not and it’s actually take-out. As the two start to fight over what’s happening, Ye-Eun blurts out that she was about to flirt with him. Instead, she suddenly tells him she left the stove on at home and rushes out the house, clutching her chest and blaming her quickened heart-rate on running outside.

Back at Il-Kwang, Hwa-Ran shows up and berates the Board Of Directors for their unwavering loyalty given they’ve jumped across to Myeong. She tells them the ship they’re on is about to be sunk, however they can choose to be saved by following her.

Meanwhile, Ye-Eun comes to the conclusion surrounding just who Michael is. As they race to find out who it is, they manage to unscramble the voice on the audio files and search Ok’s research lab for clues. Chan-Mi happens to get there first though and finds the familiar music CD that she heard previously. As she plays it, she suddenly realizes who Michael is.

Meanwhile, Seo is blindsided in the toilets as the pen-drive falls on the floor. As the mysterious figure and Seo wrestle, Seo notices who he is and rips his hat off, revealing that Mr Ok is actually Michael. As Chan-Mi comes to the same conclusion, she walks purposefully out his office.

During the epilogue, we cut back in time and see the moments Michael was shot and how he was bundled in the car afterwards. He had his assistant meet Chief Tak in disguise posing as Michael while Seo watched from afar. The pen drive being dropped was picked up by Seo who then received a call from Michael and tried to strike a deal, which is where the episode ends.

With a decent reveal surrounding who Michael is and lots of drama in this episode, the individual ladies are given their own storylines that have a nice resolution this time around with both Mi-Soon and Ye-Eun given time to flesh out their characters. The karaoke bar segment is certainly a bit random, especially given how much time was dedicated to this late on, but subsequently the show actually does a pretty good job this time balancing the humour and drama.

Quite what will happen next week with the final two episodes remains to be seen but for now, Good Casting looks like it may end things on a high.


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