Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap and Review

The Freezer Truck

Good Casting returns this week and as we approach the business end of the season, more secrets are revealed while our trio of NIS undercover ladies start to piece together what’s really happening. While the humour continues to feel secondary to the drama itself, there’s a conscious effort to inject more comedy into this episode which is certainly a welcome sight. All of this builds up to a big climax that leaves things wide open for the next episode.

In the wake of Michael showing up and dropping off food, episode 13 of Good Castings begins with an exasperated Bong clearing out Seo’s office. In doing so, he learns that the chief was poisoned. Mr Ok also finds out too when he meets Myeong.

In hospital, Chan-Mi tells Bong that Michael had an “M” tattoo and as they discuss what this means, they’re cut short when Yoon suddenly bursts in and demands that Chan-Mi be left to rest. While Bong and Yoon confront one another, Chan-Mi takes the opportunity to slip out the room where she runs into Ye-Eun. She tells her team-mate to rest up though and as she holds out her hand, the two are clearly on the same page now.

Yoon also speaks to Chan-Mi about how he feels and requests they hold hands while discussing the past. Eventually she agrees to as we cut back 15 years and see the duo eating together, happily talking and enjoying each other’s company.

In the present, Chan-Mi arrives at the NIS just in time for the team meeting. Myeong’s ledger clearly isn’t right but they suspect something far more serious going on. With him now in their sights, the group prepare to try and take him down.

Ye-Eun is fired from her role at Il-Kwang but Woo-Won catches wind of this and marches into the office. He speaks to the boss and promises that Ye-Eun walk away on her own accord and not have to endure the torturous ordeal of being fired. In exchange for not firing her, he agrees to sign his contract.

Grabbing her wrist, the duo walk together out the office where they end up in the reception area. Woo-Won however tries to chase after Ye-Eun when she rejects him but slips on the floor Mi-Soon happens to be mopping. He hits the ground with an almighty thud and the impact causes him to remember everything that happened in the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Hwa-Ran contemplates whether to take Myeong’s deal and take over Il-Kwang. As she heads in to see the board of directors, she pauses in the lobby as she notices Chan-Mi working, turning her attention to the NIS agent instead.

That evening, Myeong and Ok meet and eat dinner together where Myeong admits that he’s working with Michael. After calling him a “golden egg”, he admits to using this man until they no longer need to, deciding to rid themselves of his presence when he’s served his purpose.

Before they can continue however, Myeong learns they have company in the adjacent room; the room Yoon and Woo-Seok happen to be occupying after following them to the restaurant. As they try in vain to listen with paper cuts, their cover is almost blown when Myeong heads in to investigate.

The duo rush out the building and into a freezer truck that drives away just in time. As the two huddle together in the back, the cold threatens to consume them as Chan-Mi arrives just in time to save them. The pair sit shivering in the back and as Chan-Mi drives them away, Woo-Seok suggests to Yoon that they should ask the NIS for help.

Eventually the NIS agents sit with Yoon in his office and contemplate working together. After discussing Seo’s poisoning, the team mention the smoking gun that Yoon holds over Myeong. Before they can find out whether this will work however, Bong suggests they talk to “the deceased”.

At the NIS safe house, it’s revealed that Seo didn’t actually die from his poisoning. Moreover, he also has incriminating evidence against Myeong that would take him down for good. Seo warns that he’ll trample on anyone and as we cut across to Myeong himself, an NIS rat reveals photos showing Seo is still alive.

Determined to right this wrong, Myeong immediately phones through to his contacts and demand Seo be put down for good. Only, when armed guards arrive at the building Seo plays the audio recording of Michael and promises to send it to the NIS.

Myeong makes the call and decides to bring him in for questioning….just as the NIS agents track down the car and follow in hot pursuit, which is where the episode ends.

With lots to digest in this episode and the final stages of their hunt for Michael underway, Good Casting delivers another decent bout of drama. The different characters are all given an equal amount of screen-time and the operation to track down Myeong looks like it’s going to consume the rest of the season.

While Good Casting hasn’t been the strongest drama of the year, this episode is certainly a promising step forward for the show to end on a high.


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