Good Casting – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap and Review

The Beacon

Following the previous darker episode, Good Casting returns for a slice of espionage action that feels much more closely aligned to the earlier material. Although some of the editing and slick stylish cues are still missing compared to those early episodes, Good Casting continues its narrative with another pretty good episode.

Episode 10 of Good Casting begins with Chan-Mi begging the other girls for help in the van while Mi-Soon’s husband starts looking through the windows. As the van drives off, Mi-Soon slips out and confronts her husband while holding a bag of rubbish.

This catches us up to where we left off, as Ye-Eul rings through to our antagonists and spills what’s about to happen. At the same time, Chan-Mi vows to track Michael down and find him this time around. That involves taking down Chief Seo no matter what, even if it means facing jail time.

The operation surrounding Director Myeong’s office goes ahead in the morning and the trio of ladies start working on setting off the beacon sensor above his door. The only way to get in properly is to steal the Director’s beacon.

Chan-Mi poses as part of the construction crew at Il Kwang and watches Director Myeong carefully, trying to figure out where his sensor is located. Only, things go awry when Chan-Mi’s old date Mr Woo happens to be in attendance. She covers her face with a mask though and despite acting jittery, manages to keep up the facade… until he invites Mr Yoon and the team out for dinner.

Once there, they get talking about his blind date, calling Chan-Mi a lunatic without realizing she’s right there. Chan-Mi makes a scene though and they leave before Mr Woo can reveal the whole truth about her.

Meanwhile, Woo-Won starts to slip into depression after seeing damaging social media messages spread. Ye-Eul is put into a difficult position by being forced to tell him in person that the company are dropping him.

Heading into his house via the garage at the back, Ye-Eul slips inside to hand him the paperwork. Only, when she gets there she sees pills strewn across the floor and expects the worst. He’s okay though and certainly far from dead but she can’t face telling him the truth.

After a date with Chan-Mi, Mr Yoon returns to his office where Hwa-Ran sits talking about the CEO position in the company. When Chan-Mi arrives with tea, she smashes the pot out of her hands and warns the current boss. Outside the room, she figures out Hwa-Ran was the one who sent the men after her last episode and calls her out on it.

The operation goes ahead but unfortunately the real beacon sensor isn’t from the tie-holder like they suspects. Director Myeong is obviously wise to what they’re up to. Chan-Mi is attacked and blindsided by an assassin while Mi-Soon is almost caught too. Director Myeong happens to be in the building and he confronts Chan-Mi over why she’s in his office. She feigns ignorance though, pretending the door was already open despite realizing this was the plan all along thanks to Ye-Eul’s tip-off.

Thanks to CEO Yoon, she’s released from police custody but the terms for doing so are heavy, with Yoon forced to resign from the secretary position and putting his faith in Chan-Mi, which obviously isn’t a good idea. However, as we soon see Chan-Mi deceived Director Myeong by using the letter and envelope as a decoy to get Myeong’s fingerprint and open his safe.

Mi-Soon heads there later in the day and manages to break in, taking the evidence and posing as a cleaner. On the way out, she finds herself face to face with Director Myeong, which is where the episode ends.

With a cliffhanger ending and lots of unresolved questions hanging over this one, Good Casting delivers another compelling episode. Tonally, the series has been a bit all over the place, shifting between darker thriller, romantic comedy and espionage shenanigans. Unfortunately it hasn’t always been the most consistent in that respect which is a shame, because there’s certainly a lot to like here.

There’s lots of drama waiting to spill over too and between Yoon’s CEO resignation, Ye-Eul breaking the news to Woo-Won about being dropped and Mi-Soon being face to face with Myeong, next week’s episode should be a good one!


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