Gone Girl (2014) Ending Explained – Why does Nick continue his relationship with Amy?

Gone Girl Plot Synopsis

Gone Girl is widely considered one of the darkest movies ever made, with a multidimensional female lead. Amy Elliott Dunne. The Machiavellian protagonist, and antagonist of Gone Girl is one of the most intriguing anti-heroines seen in quite some time.

Gillian Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl” was adapted into a 2014 psychological thriller, directed by David Fincher. The contemporary mystery revolves around Ben Affleck’s character, Nick Dunne, who becomes the leading suspect in the missing of his wife, Amy, played by Rosamund Pike.

Labeling the female lead as insane, villainous, or even psychotic would be euphemizing both the character’s startling excellence as well as the intricate web Flynn has woven around her.

The psychologically complicated movie acquired popularity as it depicted Amy Elliott Dunne’s ultimate feminine vengeance fantasy. The plot revolves around her spouse’s betrayal and she demands that he pay the price. She could have publicly humiliated him, exposed his mistress, or monetarily wrecked him with a separation. However, Amazing Amy’s sole alternative was staging her own death and framing her husband for it.

After all, it was a perfect crime. Nick robbed her of her hope, pride, dignity, and money and he didn’t stop until she was no longer herself. He murdered her alter ego. He had murdered “Amazing Amy”.

How is Amy’s character influenced by her childhood?

Nick tells Amy that her parents are terrible. He picks up on the idea that her personality flaws were due to them, and he realizes that she never felt emotionally validated. She felt like she had to become the phony Amy; the false Amy to be loved and appreciated.

In one scene, her father tells her to talk to the reporters and bloggers and to give them some “Amy color.” “People want to hear from YOU”, he continues. We all know that the “You” he’s referring to is the colorful, lively Amy. Nick then tells her, “Your parents plagiarized your childhood”, to which she responds, “No, they improved it”.

Amy learned to cater to her parents’ needs instead of her own as a result of not having her emotional needs met as a child. She realized that when she hid her true self and played a character – a falsified perfect version of herself – she received emotional acceptance and validation from her parents. As time passed, the falsified version of herself became an inseparable part of her.

Why does Amy want to punish Nick?

The tale of Nick and his wife Amy Dunne’s struggles throughout their dysfunctional marriage is shown in the movie. All seems straightforward initially, but life slowly gets in the way, and issues with their relationship and personal lives start to emerge.

Nick cheats on Amy while they were struggling financially and were trapped in a troubled marriage. Amy seeks vengeance by going missing one day while leaving a carefully thought-out plot in her aftermath, which is guaranteed to land Nick in jail for having her killed.

What motivates Desi Collings to help Amy?

Without a doubt, the movie’s conclusion still stands as its pinnacle. The ending is brutal, unrelenting, and monstrously unsettling, leaving you with a feeling of unease long after the final credits.

Amy ended up turning to Desi Collings, her former lover, against whom she had previously lodged a restraining order, after being robbed of her cash by her neighbors at Ozarks.

Desi, wishing to revive a stale love affair, agrees to take her in after she persuades him that she fled because Nick was violent. In the meantime, Nick is held in custody after retrieving damning evidence against him. Following this, he makes a stirring confession to the audience on television to win Amy’s mercy.

What happens after Amy kills Desi?

Amy pretends to have sex with Desi before using a box cutter to cut his throat and escape. She then returns to Nick covered in Desi’s blood. She introduces Desi as her abductor and admits that he captured and raped her, which was further supported by the semen belonging to Desi that was discovered inside her as well. Additionally,  a video and multiple injuries she herself orchestrated to make Desi appear guilty. This gives further weight to her case.

Even though the lead investigator, Detective Rhonda Boney, is wise and challenges her on any potential gaps in the tale, the FBI has no choice but to accept what she’s told them. She and Nick then falsely claim to be a loving couple that the public perceives them to be when she gets back home.

Why does Amy come back to Nick at the end of Gone Girl?

Nick chose to play her game and do what she desired. He thus pretended to be the version of himself she wanted him to be. He chose to pretend to be “Amazing Nick” to bring her back because it was better than death. Nick praised her and criticized himself in the interview, saying, “I was a bad husband to a great wife”. He knew she wanted him to think of her as  “Amazing Amy”. He knew she wanted everyone to think of her in a glorified manner. He even goes so far as to declare himself a con artist, in order to pretend to be the guy she wanted him to be.

He claims that when they got married, he promised to be “that guy”; the character she wanted him to play. He claims that instead of doing what was right, which was to pretend to be what she wanted him to pretend to be, he did what was easy, which was to be himself. The irony here is that it is easier to pretend to be someone else than it is to be yourself.

She wanted him to be perfect, just like she was. Nick had become alien to her; she had grown accustomed to a certain version of him, and he was slowly turning into his true self, and she says he became someone she didn’t agree to marry.

During the interview, she changed her mind and chose to go back to him. She was so in love with the phony image of Nick that she dropped her vengeance fantasy and decided to rekindle what they had.

What are Nick and Amy’s two personalities in the movie?

The genuine Nick is the one that had an affair with a student, adores his sister Margo, and is a laid-back, easygoing guy. Faux Nick is the guy who won Amy’s heart, the heroic go-getter who gave an emotional speech for his wife on national television.

Faux Amy is the pleasant, adorable “cool girl” who is an excellent wife, daughter, and innocent young girl who is weighed down by her stardom. Genuine Amy is a neurotic, devious strategist who is continuously attempting to maintain her position in the spotlight.

Why does Nick continue his relationship with Amy?

Amy admits to Nick that she returned after he tried to reason with her by showing up on live television and also that she did so just because she wished to see him grow into that kind of man. She convinces Nick that she will never hurt him and expresses her desire for him to take responsibility and make up for the mistakes of their relationship.

As Amy begins to act like the ideal wife by making breakfast, the situation gets worse. Nick decides to publicly shame Amy for the things she has done, but Amy shocks him by admitting that she had gotten pregnant through artificial insemination using Nick’s semen that had been kept at a sperm bank for testing. He aggressively challenges her and tries to leave, but he is forced to continue living with her when Amy claims that she wouldn’t have to tell his kid to despise him if he leaves.

As they announce Amy’s pregnancy on TV and the credits begin to roll, the couple carries on with their family life in the spotlight while also landing a publishing deal, a film offer, and a dealership for Nick and Margo’s bar.

By the end of the movie, they are still a bizarre, dysfunctional couple. They even indirectly agree to stay together and continue performing the roles of Faux Nick and Faux Amy. Nick and Amy are almost made for each other because of this. They draw out the worst in each other, and that final frame of Amy’s face, looking up at Nick’s, is seen in a very different light at the end as a result.


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