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Episode 7 of Goedam begins at a family home as a worried Mother tells her husband not to remove the paper talisman from the shelf. She goes on to mention a cop (possibly the one from the previous episode?) and a boy have recently died. Because of this, they’re all on edge.

In the morning, this same man leaves his room but finds a clump of hair stuck in the frame of the door. Pulling it out, the tuft of hair he holds brings with it a piercing scream.

After a hard day of work, the drunk man peels off the paper talisman. He crumples it up in his hand, throwing it on the floor. Stumbling forward, he passes out face-down on the bed. With the door left open, blood seeps out the foundations as severed limbs start creeping across the room.

As a spatter of blood hits his cheek, the man notices a hand crawling across the floor. That hand finds its way onto a faceless form that stalks him mercilessly out the room. Growling menacingly, the man begs it to stop. Its too late, the creature slashes him with his hand and leaves the man a bloodied mess on the floor, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

There really isn’t an awful lot to say about this penultimate episode of the series. It’s a very simple tale and one that seems to hint toward Chinese and Japanese folklore surrounding spirits (the tuft of hair seems to be symbolic). However, it’s tough to know for sure.

The CGI effects on the monster are a bit wonky too while the vagueness of this legend makes it difficult to work out exactly what it’s relating to. For now though, Goedam bows out with another pretty average episode.


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2 thoughts on “Goedam – Episode 7 Recap & Review”

  1. I didn’t know this, which is possibly why the mother had to mention the deaths and why the toddler had to trip.

    “ Thresholds Bring Misfortune

    Back in the day, the body of a deceased person would chill out in the family home for a few days. After that, they would then be carried out of the home in a coffin. Once the body was carried out, this means that the veil between the living and spirit world would be open. This was so the spirit of the deceased could then cross into the afterlife. Therefore, it’s really bad luck if a living person steps on a threshold.”

    The hair thing… I suspect that’s just typical Asian horror about long black hair in weird places. I mean, 99% of these stories have been about creepy, long-haired women.

  2. Isn’t that wonky CGI monster the one in the
    photo two girls were watching in Curiosity? They both also seem to have tried the inter dimensional travel.

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