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Episode 6 of Goedam is easily the strongest episode of this horror anthology and revolves around a pretty famous urban legend involving an inter-dimensional elevator. With some great build-up and a nice use of tension, this urban legend is brought to life in suitably creepy fashion.

It begins with a boy standing in an elevator but suddenly grabbing his ears in pain. Seeing something in front of him, he suddenly starts convulsing and collapses.

In the morning, several police officers look over the details from the case. In particular, they discuss the logistics of how this elevator works – including its presumed ability to travel between dimensions at 2-4am.

That evening, the lead officer returns to the office block and checks out the elevator for himself. As the door closes, he looks over instructions from the printed out sheet he holds. As he moves between floors, the 4th floor opens to pitch black nothingness. Until that suddenly changes to a mirror image of himself in the lift.

Just before pressing floor 1, a hand comes out of nowhere and sends the lift back up again.

As it does, a strange girl dressed in black appears inside and asks to go back down again. When the woman turns around, her grotesque twisted face shows a blackened eye – a consistent motif from this anthology of course – and starts slamming the man’s head against the wall.

However, the security footage simply shows this officer hitting his own head. Only, as the door opens it reveals the two other police officers, who remark that the clothes the deceased is wearing look eerily similar to the one on duty.

As the episode closes out, two school girls enter that very same elevator and start trying out the game.

The Episode Review

Unlike some of the other urban legends in this anthology, this one is a story that’s quite well-known. The original tale states that by pressing a specific combination of buttons in the elevator at night, you can travel to an alternate dimension.

However, this is also when a ghostly figure appears before you. In order to survive, you should not under any circumstances acknowledge or talk to this being. Instead, you should try and return to your own world as quickly as possible.

The one element of this episode that could have been expanded is the idea of the ghost world. The legend states that if you faint or pass out in the elevator before “returning”, you end up in an alternate world and making your way back becomes increasingly difficult. With a bit more screen-time, this may have been a nice inclusion to add a bit of a twist at the end.

Despite that though, there’s some lovely eerie imagery in this and the constant tension between floors definitely keeps you on edge.

Out of all the episodes, this is the one that stands out as the best. It’s eerie, has some lovely imagery and the ghostly girl’s face is disturbing enough to make these scenes feel suitably nightmarish.


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  1. Yes’m that’s true it leads to an explainable story of what happens and I know for sure they die again in this episode like episode 4.When the two school girls were just gonna grab their notebooks the best friend of the k pop star actually pretends that she sprained her ankle to change things up a bit.This episode is interesting to me like episode 4 and 6 are almost alike it’s like they are in a loop.

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