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Red Shoes

Episode 5 of Goedam begins in class as a group of school girls discuss Jin-Gyeong jumping in front of a moving truck. However, they’re interrupted by the teacher arriving, stern-faced to discuss the death of that very same student. Tellingly, up on the wall is a picture of the two students from the opening episode.

As it turns out, the dead schoolgirl was actually being bullied and involved in a group chat. Hye-Su leaves the group chat after feeling guilty and immediately phones the teacher, asking her to meet in the classroom

Dressed in high-heeled red shoes, this woman shows up but finds Hye-Su a shadow of what she once was. With blood staining her face and her legs twisted and severed, the teacher realizes that this is actually Jin-Gyeong. The girl looks up and grins, telling her Hye-Su’s legs don’t fit and asks to switch.

As screams pierce the air, Jin-Gyeong snatches up her legs and staggers out the classroom with those same red shoes. Her feet twist awkwardly on the floor and as she staggers up the hallway, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Could the group chat be the catalyst that set off this chain of events? This seems to be the catalyst for what happened but it’s also interesting that the story takes place in the same classroom as the one in episode 5. There isn’t a lot to say about this though but the creature does seem to be linked to the other episodes.

Still, there’s nothing outwardly memorable about this segment. The sound design is pretty good and the grotesque scene of the creature walking in high heels is enough to make you squirm a little. Beyond that though, there really isn’t anything here to write home about.


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4 thoughts on “Goedam – Episode 5 Recap & Review”

  1. So, did Hye-Su bully Jin-Gyeong? She seems to have been the only one who expressed any form of guilt in her body language. Did the teacher know Jin was being bullied and failed to do anything about it? You have to wonder why they the only two people targeted by Jin. The teacher also seemed kinda cold about Jin’s death and immediately told the students ‘not to feel guilty’ about Jin’s death and encouraged them not to talk to the Police and to delete all their text messages. Why was she covering for them and for herself? Very shady.

  2. You missed the part that thr gir who died in the 1st episode was on this episode she is the last who left the classroom.. but before that when the girl reading her phone glanced on her desk it is just a flower on it but some angles show her.

  3. Having looked it up I think you may be right. It’s a tricky one though because the legends are quite hard to decipher and work out whom it’s referring to. Thanks for reading and commenting though, really appreciate it!

    -Greg W.

  4. Interestingly I believe this episode is linked (albeit very loosely) to the Japanese Urban Legend of the Teke-Teke, with Jin-Gyeong having the upper half of her body and stealing the teacher’s legs at the last scene of the episode.

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