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Episode 2 of Goedam, aptly titled Destination, is all about a taxi driver on the road. It also appears to be a direct connection toward the jayuro highway ghost legend.

The story itself begins with a taxi driver struggling to keep his eyes open while driving. Noticing that the traffic lights are flashing, he does the sensible thing and pulls over to the side of the road to rest.

The time reads 3.30am and the taxi driver is well and truly asleep. Asleep that is, until a strange girl gets in the back of the cab and requests a ride. “Samjeong Motel in Ilsan, please.” Shaking the fuzzy sleep from his mind, the driver struggles to find the motel on the GPS.

Given she knows the way, he heads off on the road. She eerily tells him to turn right but with nowhere to turn, he calls her crazy and continues to drive forward. However, she leans in with sharp nailed hands, almost like talons, and looks to grab him. Startled, he looks back but she’s not there. Instead, she’s standing in front of the car. Slamming on the brakes, he hits his head on the steering wheel and notices the girl in the backseat again

Crying blood, the twisted female keeps the screaming driver glued to the seat as she removes her eyeballs and presents them to him. As he screams in pain, seeing his own eyes within these removed eyeballs, the scene skips forward.

The taxi driver has no eyeballs and the taxi drives off on its own with him in place. On the ground are his two severed eyeballs from before, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

With a simple narrative, Goedam continues with the Korean urban legends by referencing the jayuro highway ghost. This tale essentially refers to a strip of road that acts as a gateway between Goyang to Paju. Jayuro is notorious for being choked by thick fog and it’s also the site of many car accidents every year. However, locals believe there’s a supernatural element to all of this.

And therein lies our story. The actual tale plays out quite similarly but there’s some added embellishment to some of the ideas. The 3.30am doesn’t seem to hold much reference while the motel itself is a random inclusion too.

There is, however, some nice symbolism with the eyes which becomes a consistent motif throughout this anthology. For now, episode 2 does a pretty good job balancing mystery with built-up tension and delivers another decent slice of horror.


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  1. I was reading up on this, and apparently Koreans also worry about waking up in taxis with missing body parts.

    The first time I tried to watch this anthology, this is the episode I stopped after. There was no rhyme, reason, or scary meaning to it. I barely finished it today.

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