God’s Favorite Idiot – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Quitters Never Win, But Winners Sometimes Quit

Judy Miller, from USA Today, posts a heart-felt “blog post” in support of Clark at the start of episode 8 of God’s Favorite Idiot. It underlines her belief in God and her perspective on the events that transpired in episode five.

What’s not clear however, is why Judy, a journalist at such a respected media outlet, isn’t writing and publishing in its name? Wasn’t the point of choosing her as the person to spread the message because¬†she worked at UT? Anyway, moving on. Milton’s hate speech against Clark continues unabated. He has actually increased the viciousness in his criticism, cheered on by Satanlinda, who watches from the sidelines.

The entire group converges in Gene’s room. Tom has brought his fake sword to “protect” Clark and the others. Meanwhile, Wendy and Mohsin have brought their wits – as we will see ahead. We see Frisbee arrive in the room in a panicked state. This is the first time he has used his “angel entry”. But he does not bear good news. “The Harry Potter spell will last only till dawn”, he says. Why? Paperwork. He flies off before Amily can get her punch in. The Four Horse “people” wait outside the hospital. Satan walks up to them, now changed to her all-characteristic black leather suit and bang haircut. She takes Death in a headlock and asks why are they not ushering in the Apocalypse. Pestlience steps in to explain that they are getting orders from both sides. They are conflicted about whom to follow because the war is still unsettled and they do not who is in charge.

Clark has another encounter with God in the bathroom. Wonder why It always comes to that specific place. It explains to Clark that the scales are not titled favorably for the good side. Clark will have to look out for himself for the time being as all the resources must be focused on the war. He is also directed to go to “a place” with Amily to complete a task. He comes back to the room after a long time and reveals about the meetup. Amily looks outside and notices that it is dawn. And then, they hear Satan’s demonic destruction begin.

They spit-up. Amily and Clark are together and rush towards the car. Tom goes off on his own with his fake sword. Wendy and Moshin take Gene in a wheelchair and head for the exit. Satan looks for her targets and comes dangerously close to finding them. Clark and Amily manage to reach outside, where Milton and his hate force welcome him.

Before he can spew hate, Clark says he understands certain things bout Milton’s life – that his parents didn’t care for him and his aunt was abusive. These are things that are only privy to himself but how does Clark know them? That is when Satan throws Frisbee off a window. Clark requests Milton and his supporters to help Frisbee, and they agree.

In a greatly painful scene that is passed off as comedy, we see the group make it outside safely. When the trio is cornered by Satan, even though she wasn’t after them, Wendy uses Satan’s tactics against her and convinces her to go back up and fight the real war to become a hero. Tom stands in front of the Horse people without clothes to “distract” them. But fails. The couple is able to escape in the car and drive on. Amily finally confesses her love for Clark and they drive off with optimism that “all will be fine”.

The Episode Review

The title of the season finale might be true. It also is an indication why ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ might not be a winner. Because it just cannot quit being bad. I did not understand how the group was able to make it out of the hospital alive. But I guess, maybe that is not the point of the show. The point is to spread God’s message that all religions and prayers are equal.

Good deeds do not have any color to them. They cannot be marked or classified. But what did ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ do to showcase that? Were we just supposed to sit there and get it all by ourselves? Then why did we need the show at all, if we had to arrive at that conclusion all on our own?¬† Only God knows the answers to those questions.

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