God’s Favorite Idiot – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Four Horsemen” Recap and Review

The Four Horsemen

Four men on horses, i.e., ‘the Four Horsemen’, walk on a scenic beach with the sun rising at the start of episode 7 of God’s Favorite Idiot. They’re coming for Clark and bring with them a signal that the war is getting serious up there.

Meanwhile, the group is at work and no points for guessing, they’re not working – again. They do everything there except work. Tom and Amily’s small play, based on some fictional folklore, plays in the background. Clark gets a phone call from his father, still in the hospital. Although he is recovering =, Gene requests Clark for something: the clincher chicken made from his mother’s recipe. The filial son is foremost in saying that he will make it. Tom is still buoyant from the last episode where is tear brought Gene back from the coma.

His happiness, though, cannot explain the reason behind why he was able to do it. To get an explanation, he goes to the bathroom, again, and spots Mohsin sitting in one of the stalls. After seating himself in the stall next to his, Tom begins his questioning. Despite the “compromising” position and being flustered, Mohsin comes up with a beautiful answer. He says that because Tom was pure and honest at that moment, and that he had a purpose, he was able to do it. It wouldn’t have truly wanted Gene to come back from the coma, it wouldn’t have happened. Satisfied with the answer, he vanishes, but not before peeking into another occupied stall like a creep.

Wendy receives a very sweet card from Mohsin after the “gentleman” mishap in the last episode. It is a clear indication that he likes her and that the ball is in her court. To prepare the chicken, Clark and Amily go to the supermarket to get the groceries for the chicken. As they’re shopping, the four horsemen – or horse “people”, as the lady on the horse suggests – barge in and corner them. Famine, War, Death, and Pestilence. They bring the message that the apocalypse is about to be unleashed on the earth as God is losing the battle in Heaven. In this really bizarre scene, Clark and Amily are able to evade them. Amily takes charge and smacks Pestilence in its nether parts, while the other horse people casually stand there.

The mob is still gathered outside Clark’s house. I have never seen such a docile and well-behaved mob. Despite our protagonist’s sacrilegious and blasphemous acts, they still stand outside his house, politely holding up their placards and shouting for Clark’s head. The couple sit in prayer to ask for more guidance from God about what to do next.

All of a sudden, the sign arrives in the form of a door knock. It is Clark’s mother: a sign of “bad” times. Her judgmental and accusatory tone catches them by surprise. She is suspecting of Clark really glowing and asks for his “secret”. She disapproves of Amily and declares that she is the one that brought all the chaos into his life.

Clark stands defiant in support of Amily. Helen walks away warning them against pre-marital fornication. A nonsensical scene about “C.O.C” being called cock by Frisbee involving Wendy, Mohsin, and Tom wearing a t-shirt with that abbreviation plays out. The very fact that this sequence made it from paper to the final cut is why ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ is losing (pun intended).

At the hospital, Gene enjoys the chicken, which is perfectly made. Clark attends a FaceTime call from a “Blocked” number. It is Satan, who again gives the warning that Frisbee’s spell won’t last for long. When it wears off, she will kill them.

The Episode Review

Episode seven of ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ is a marginal improvement over the previous episode. In some respects only. Overall, the energy is much more positive and streamlined. The story too moves forward as the battle between Lucifer and God comes to its Twilight. But there is tension in the air as Satan is not letting up on killing the group of co-workers. Her resolve is so strong that she is prepared to be among mortals to fulfill her goal.

I keep trying to pick up the good instances from the pack but can’t find anything to write about.¬†Being a sitcom, this episode also features a more decent level of humor compared to the series gone by. That was until the focus was again¬†on the Wendy-Tom dynamic. At that juncture, it fell again to the low standard Falcone has set to make us laugh.

One thing that I do not understand is why make all the characters so cartoonish? To extract humor? Well, if that is the intention, this has been a grand failure. Even when one looks at it from an absurdist comedy lens, the scenes are just too bad to have any sort of connection. Now with just the finale left, thankfully, this journey is coming to an end.

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