God’s Favorite Idiot – Season 1 Episode 6 “Tom the Baptist” Recap & Review

Tom the Baptist

Clark’s vision turns out to be true in episode 6 of God’s Favorite Idiot. Judy and Gene are both in the hospital. The former will be okay, but Gene suffers severe damage and is put in a coma.

The logical question that had to be asked after the previous episode’s mishap is shot at Frisbee by Amily: why didn’t he magic-proof (or Harry Pottered) the backyard and sauna area. The answer? Because Chamuel didn’t file an N919. That’s why. Oh, he also lets out that the hospital was not a Satan-free zone. But why wouldn’t God help Gene? Why would he let it happen?

Are those bouts of doubt warning signals and a throwback to the adage “god works in mysterious ways”? Quite possibly. Milton’s radicalism continues outsides Clark’s house. There is a brief moment when he touches Clark that his hand burns. Milton notices it but continues with the protests and I think this is a big hint that he might come on the Clark bandwagon believing his word to be true. It is a big “maybe” right now, but let’s see.

Clark is greeted with big news: Amily has decided to move in – because staying at her place is dangerous right now. She also declares that she is off Tinder, permanently. She ferments their love with a home-cooked meal that looks like it was prepared by a five-year-old.

At work, yes they still have to work, Wendy gifts Clark a candle. The smell is particularly upsetting and then there’s a whole pointless scene with Moshin and Clark where they have to “take care” of it because Clark has to go to the hospital. The plan is to keep it in Frisbee’s office. Yes, keep it in his office because it can’t be thrown or disposed of in any other way (*facepalm*).

Gene’s condition has not improved since the morning Clark last saw him. He calls out for Chamuel to help his father. But the angel is currently busy fighting Satan with swords and shields. The two even wear armors. Yes, it seems like a fight between two mortal beings. Frisbee is busy doing paperwork in between the battle, making sure everyone is following the rules of battle. Chamuel is flung in the air by Satan, who has seemingly won this duel.

At the hospital, Wendy finally learns the truth about the candle. The “genital” smell apparently doesn’t do it for Clark and Moshin. Tom is losing hope amidst the tough circumstances. He cries and as he leans forward on Gene’s bed, a teardrop falls on Gene. And voila, he wakes up from the coma.

The Episode Review

What did we see? How can Falcone be so involved in the project that he cannot see it is going all wrong for him? The nerve on him to present something like this. Episode six is the most disappointing in the entire series – and that is saying something. Maybe it is not disappointed because to be that, one also has to have some expectations. By this point, I have none.

‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ seems like a giant blot on its power couple’s body of works. Episode six brings forth so many bad executive decisions that seem incapable of being made by a single person. Some of the creative choices like Chamuel and Satan’s brief duel, the office co-workers, and the candle scene comes across as something placed to stop leakages.

I still do not get what is the role played by Wendy and Mohsin in the entire show. Their romance is extremely poorly written. Both actors look confused about what’s to be done. The blocking of the scenes gives them no confidence either. It is too awkward to watch them together. There’s so much wrong with the entire show that surfaces in episode six. God, please bear me some strength to finish the series.

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