God’s Favorite Idiot – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Word (It’s Love)” Recap & Review

The Word (It’s Love)

Things get a bit awkward between Clark and Emily in episode 5 of God’s Favorite Idiot, the day after while Clark is making breakfast for Amily. He confesses that he loves her but Amily is awkwardly quiet. She also indicates that she is on tinder and is unsure that she loves Clark back. Just then we hear Satan outside call for Clark and Emily. She has a lot of food all of which is the couple’s favorite. But she is unsuccessful in her trap to tempt them out of the protection shield to the food. Satan gets frustrated and threatens to stab the juiciest Angel she can find up in heaven and leaves.

This late on, we finally see someone working in the Arresta office. Mohsin attends to a customer’s grievances as he solves the Rubik’s cube that Wendy gave him in the last episode as a sign of respect and maybe some love. Wendy comes in with a horrible hairdo (she does look like a horse), which surprises Mohsin. The reason? Journalists coming in and there might just be a photo op. Well take that photo and burn it. Everyone else who sees the hairdo has the same reaction, and you would too when you see it.

Satan’s clock is running out and she now has a new plan. There is a famous saying, “The enemy of your enemy is your friend”. Satan takes wisdom from this old tactic and visits Reverend Milton in his office, who is, looking at God-related quotes on the computer. She goes in as an executive for a large streaming service looking for programming to match their religious audience: AOHN, America’s own holy network. Milton signs it, getting drawn in by the money and fame it will bring him, and like that Twilight Zone episode taught us, signing a deal with the devil can never lead to anything good.

Judy shows up at the office in the midst of a fight between Wendy and Tom about her hair. She interviews Clark but the entire group stands behind him in support. They claim Clark was chosen by God to spread his message and that’s why he glows. Clark also lets out that God spoke to him and that archangel Chamuel has also communicated with him.

Satan decides to take it up a notch and goes to Clark’s father. By the looks of it, she is trying to seduce him. But in reality, she is trying to kill him. Clark suddenly has a vision about his father in a hospital during the interview. He rushes in Frisbee’s green car to the house. Satan is sitting outside a locked sauna and tries to kill Clark. But of course, fails. Magically, he is able to evade the fireball, which instead strikes Jenny, who falls to the floor unconscious. Frisbee calls for Chameul who comes in from above and saves the day. Clark’s father is saved and they rush him to the hospital.

The Episode Review

At the end of every episode, I think to myself: “it cannot get worse than this, can it”? The answer is a resounding no. It actually can. There is not much to comment on in episode five except the same things from episode four. The show is getting progressively worse with every new chapter.

It is not even appropriate for religious folk who appreciate such musings on the contrast between good and bad. ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ seems an uncharacteristic low both for Falcone and McCarthy, who entirely lose the plot.

Such a weak effort, in all regards, is not expected from historically strong performers like them. And it is not just in one aspect where the show falls flat. No single thing seems capable of redeeming it. Episode five again brought some baffling moments for us to cringe on. They are too many in number to mention here. Somebody should have pulled the plug on this one in the script stage itself.

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