Godmothered – Disney+ Movie Review

Happily Ever Enchanted

One of my favourite Disney classics has always been Cinderella, so when I learned about the premise behind Godmothered I was instantly hooked. The movie includes plenty of expected clichés along the way, but also some amusing and magical scenes too.
With sprinkles of Disney’s other live action movie Enchanted throughout, Godmothered has the potential to become one of the better titles Disney has to offer this Christmas.
At the heart of the story is Godmother-in-training Eleanor, who is determine to succeed in her role. When she finds out that her school is about to be closed, she decides to travel to the human world to give a little girl called Mackenzie her happily-ever-after.
Unfortunately, when she arrives to the modern world she realizes that the girl is not so little anymore and has her work cut out for her. The movie then follows Eleanor’s journey as she attempts to teach Mackenzie the true meaning of love and happiness.
After a shaky beginning with quite a bit of exposition, Godmothered quickly settles into its charming and magical setting, giving us a fun and festive movie that should please both adults and children alike.
Although a little predictable at times, there’s a couple of nice little twists along the away here and a meaningful message underlying everything too. This is, of course, an important part of any good Christmas movie and Godmothered definitely fits the bill. Its message about happiness and the many places we can find it may not be all that original, but the enchanting wit gracing this picture makes it easy to overlook any flaws.
Jillian Bell is perfect in her role as clumsy but caring Godmother too, determined to get “her wings” and bring back the happily-ever-after from the fairy tales of old. Alongside her, Isla Fisher gives a decent performance as a struggling single mother who has forgotten how to be happy. There are plenty of funny one-liners and some silly scenes too, aiming to please audiences of all ages.

Godmothered will certainly be compared to the 2007 movie Enchanted though, with a similar premise of the fantasy and modern worlds clashing together. Like its live action brethren, Disney’s latest addition manages to blend the two nicely thanks to the way Eleanor reacts to this strange place. It’s never over the top and each character has a good amount of character development across the movie.

There are certainly a lot of great Christmas movies out there and quite a few have been released this year already. However, Godmothered stands out thanks to it charming and fun premise.
Fans of Disney will find plenty to enjoy here and should definitely check this one out. Godmothered is a great way to start the festive season and should surely bring some much-needed happily-ever-after vibes to the small screen!
Godmothered Releases On Disney+ Worldwide 4th December 2020!
  • Verdict - 8/10

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