God. Family. Football Season 1 Review – An inspiring and emotionally-charged sports doc

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God. Family. Football is the latest sports documentary series streaming on Amazon Freevee, and while it doesn’t reinvent the wheel or deliver anything particularly unique, it is a fun ride all the same.

The focus here is on the Evangel Christian Academy, a faith-based football team that’s driven and run by the inspirational and charismatic head coach Denny Duron. After retiring, the team end up on somewhat of a slump, losing a brutal 0-9 in the 2020 season. Legendary coach Denny comes out of retirement at the age of 70 to try and steer the team in the right direction, leading to plenty of drama along the way.

With an optimistic attitude and fire in the belly, Benny inspires the new team to rally around him, encouraging them to pick up the mantle and become the great team he knows they can be.

Alongside Denny, a number of different kids are also interviewed and followed over the season, with plenty of drama off the field too. There’s some romance nestled in here too, as the kids explore their feelings while also discussing their future and where these kids may go next. Ultimately though, it all falls down to the football action – and there’s plenty of it here!

This docuseries features lots of drama on the field, with bone-crunching tackles, big plays and mud-spattered uniforms becoming the norm as the series progresses. There’s a timer and a scoreboard through each of these games, which is obviously a different approach to something like All or Nothing. However, it is worth noting that the final episode does cram an awful lot into its relatively short run-time, with lots of drama squeezed into a little montage, which is a bit disappointing.

While God. Family. Football. is not going to blow the sports doc world away, it is a solid watch all the same and features plenty of stand-out moments. There’s lots of drama along the way, insightful interviews and a nice redemption story that interweaves faith and belief with determination and hard work.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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