The Goddess Of Revenge – Episode 7 Recap & Review

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We begin episode 7 of The Goddess Of Revenge with Ee Hyeon preparing to leave town. As we soon find out, this woman is actually Min-Joon’s sister. After buying herself a ticket, she prepares to board a ferry. Only, she’s not alone.

After leaving her ticket in the office, she spies a shady-looking guy and bolts out the front door. It’s a good thing she does too, as news comes in that night surrounding the ferry she was going to get on. It sunk at sea and this doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

From here, we then cut back and see exactly how Hae-Ra stopped the Happy Credit thugs. She had an earpiece in while Hyun-Sung was the one planting the camera in the computer during the organ auction. Hae-Ra said her key word just in time, bringing Prosecutor Jang and the rest of the police into the room to take out Mr Choi and Happy Credit for good.

Back at the office, Min-Joon arrives to greet Hae-Ra and the others. While he does, Mr Choi hears all the incriminating audio recordings of himself while being interviewed at the police station. He tries to worm his way out of this but it’s no good, he continues to dig himself a hole.

President Kim receives a gift from Ee Hyeon but quickly dismisses it. Instead he checks her Missing Person file for more clues. There, he realizes that Min-Joon approached him on purpose. Cursing his luck, President Kim instead turns one eye toward Tae-On, wanting to know if she has any part in this.

Tae-On however, learns that the President isn’t making any moves just yet but remains vigilant. In a flashback, we see her watching from afar as her father takes a fancy to Ee Hyeon just before a press conference. Tae-On soon crashes back to the present though when she receives pictures of her and Hoon-Seok together, with an ominous note telling her she has 2 days.

On the back of PBS covering Hae-Ra’s revenge channel, Hae-Ras receives a myriad of calls from  informants who want their cases handled. By comparison, the President receives a series of letters and seems impressed by what he’s seen. He asks to see “her” but it’s not clear who this is.

With over 700,000 subscribers, Hae-Ra decides to celebrate her big win and head out for drinks with the team. With Hae-Ra’s news going viral, Min-Joon reflects on the boldness of this woman to wait for the opportune moment to strike Happy Credit. Before he can continue, Hae-Ra stops by the office and invites Min-Joon out for dinner with the rest of the team later that evening.

The evening arrives and the team all sit around eating spicy food, Ga-On phones Hae-Ra and warmly greets her son, telling him she loves him. Min-Joon sits uncomfortably listening, conflicted over what to do with her.

Elsewhere, Hoon-Seok approaches his informant and tell him he has another girl he wants them to take care of. Not long after, he shows his face outside the Agency and confronts Hae-Ra over Ga-On. He warns her that he’s not sure how low he can go and walks away.

The next day, Min-Joon is called into President Kim’s office. He propositions Min-Joon with getting involved in his finances and tells him his time in the audit team is over. When Min-Joon leaves, President Kim chuckles to himself, content that the lawyer may turn out to be a loyal dog after all.

Meanwhile, Hae-Ra takes on a new case which happens to be President Kim himself. With everyone rallying together, Min-Joon starts to get cold feet. He knows that after gaining his revenge, he intends to throw Hae-Ra to the wolves and at the moment, that doesn’t seem to be sitting too well with him.

As we’re graced with another flashback, Min-Joon watches the survivors from the ferry from afar. He races up to see if he can find Ee Hyeon but to no avail. However, he does learn that President Kim is behind what’s happening.

That evening, Hae-Ra receives another message from Hoon-Seok asking to meet. Min-Joon is obviously starting to care for Hae-Ra and grabs her wrist, telling the girl she needs to be careful and not go it alone.

The Episode Review

With Hae-Ra’s revenge agency picking up some steam, it looks like she’ll be going after President Kim sooner rather than later. There really isn’t a lot going on in this episode though in truth, with a lot of the character drama revolving around the aftermath of the Happy Credit incident last time out.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing of course, but it does mean there’s not a lot of plot progression either. While the series does have a few high points and a couple of nice reveals, for the most part Goddess Of Revenge feels pretty average at best and there isn’t an awful lot here to differentiate itself from the myriad of other dramas on the market.

Still, there’s plenty of time for that to change and Goddess Of Revenge is enjoyable enough to stick with.

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