Goalkeeper – I Wish I Met You Sooner | Album Review

Track Listing

Car Wreck
Talk About
Lost Reality
Notice Me
Truth in a Frame
I’ll Go with You
Half in Half Out
Former Lives


This album by Goalkeeper is a standout in terms of pop punk hooks. There are layers to this too, something that is lacking on some pop-punk records. A genre which gets its fair share of backlash because of how bloated it can be, there are many acts which occupy the underground sector, acts that just need a push to grow and break the seal.

This record has all the energy and more. Bountiful in guitar tones, it has the quality to compete, and the freshness to keep people coming back. In terms of lyricism, it does have it moments, and it does have the appeal to hook in the outcasts and the pop punk fanatics.

I Wish I Met You Sooner carries heavy lyrics, some which can be melancholic and deeply angst-ridden. Though, this only applies great storytelling and significance. Pop punk like this can sell. Sometimes the output can be overly repetitive and mundane to the point of it being swept aside, but on this occasion, Goalkeeper has created a record with substance and attitude.

‘Car Wreck’ starts the record off with memorable hooks and fiery riffs. The lyrics detail losing someone dear, and there’s intelligence here.

‘Notice Me’ rallies home with a sadder tone. While it crashes in, it has so many good moments. The acoustic sound is gracious, and the chorus is harmonic. By contrast, ‘Focus’ is a straight up pop punk track. With Blink 182 vibes, it carries the genre well. Rapid guitar lines occupy the room, and this is the sound of confidence.

Goalkeeper has put out a record of pop punk thrills that keeps the genre alive. Their sound is so accessible.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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