Glass Tides – Wake Me Up | Album Review

Track List

Wake Me Up
Without You
Knowing Me
Black & White
End Game
I’ll Be Free


Glass Tides deliver great strong-structure and bittersweet lyrics which don’t falter for a moment. The rock band has prepared an album which eclipses anything they’ve done before, and it shows that their creative juices haven’t dried up.

Within Wake Me Up, broken memories are described, and the act torture themselves somewhat by looking for answers to their throbbing questions.

Wake Me Up is bashful at times, and the band wants these reverberations to echo through and swirl around the people who choose to listen. They want this to connect to the disenfranchised; the broken, the outcasts and the sorrow fuelled.

Many bands try to send shockwaves through the industry but many fail to do so with enough purpose – and that’s a shame. Glass Tides have enough in their power to do so, and their music has enough substance to count.

The anthems are atmospheric and the melodies bountiful, taking influence from the rock scene that seems to be in good shape at the moment. This can only be a good thing for upcoming acts that are set to reach out.

For the believers, Wake Me Up can be the album for people to confide in. It definitely has those empowering notes and sincere word-play to appeal to the rock contingent. By doing so, it can only be good for Glass Tides as a collective unit.

It may be an audacious claim, but this album plays as well as anything that has been released this year. ‘Wake Me Up’ starts the record off as a rousing anthem. The percussion hits like a battering ram, and the vocal work brings forward a contrasting balance. It’s a loud, honest opening.

‘Without You’ manages to connect on all levels, birthing a slower edge, but the song still has those razor-sharp lyrics and well triggered riffs. ‘Searching’ is sublime and an anthem for the outcasts. Well sourced, it dazzles with its louder frequency.

‘I’ll Be Free’ gives all the feels, marking the scene as a ballad of sorts, but it still offers an engaging plot line.

Ultimately, Glass Tides has gifted us an album that pulls at the heartstrings and it offers an insight into a band looking for something real.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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