Glass Onion (2022) Ending Explained – How does Helen take revenge?

Glass Onion Plot Synopsis

A tech billionaire invites his old gang of friends (sic) and the best detective in the whole wide world, to his private island to solve a murder mystery. Attractive, flawed, and morally corrupt people once again assemble in a single, isolated location on Rian Johnson’s command and under Benoit Blanc’s hawk-like eyes to solve a murder, with them bringing the promise of deliverance from mediocrity. And they certainly do.

Johnson’s endless wit, Craig’s charm, and finely tuned performances from a blockbuster ensemble ensure that you walk away a happy customer from Glass Onion. There is some A24 deviousness in how the plot comes to life. Blanc’s detective work is enthralling and riveting to watch. This ending explainer for the Netflix whodunit has everything you need to corroborate what you just watched. All your answers about Glass Onion are answered in this piece. But it is Spoiler-Filled, just as a heads up!

What links each member of the group to Miles Bron?

Miles was the “golden tit” for the entire group. He was their Godfather in every way imaginable. None of the members of the group was successful, as Helen notes in the flashback before they were “lifted up” by Miles. But Andi saw the inherent potential in them and kept them together. She was the one who introduced them to Miles. This answer also explains why Miles had such a hold on each of those persons, except Whiskey to an extent.

Claire was not a savvy politician and had lost the local councillor’s elections before getting the huge influx of cash from Miles, which enabled her to mount a successful campaign. Duke was only a video gamer who lived with his mother (the delightful Jackie Hoffman) and it was Miles who blew up his account on Twitch through his advertising and digital marketing team.

Lionel was a school teacher until Miles picked him up and made him the scientific head of his space project. Birdie was a failed fashion designer before Miles put up funds for her fashion show and she started to go viral.

So, Miles was indeed pivotal in all of their successes. Without him, they would all be still “losers”, in the conventional definition of the word. But as it turns out in the end, they indeed are.

Why and how was Andi forced to walk away from Alpha?

Andi was not supportive of Miles’ idea to utilize the company’s resources and wealth to fund his ill-thought hydrogen cell fuel program. The project was not conceived with any certainty of success and Miles was convinced by a shady Norwegian scientist on a trip. It was all being done on a whim and Andi, being the smart one who came up with the idea of Alpha, could not sanction the same. She owned half the company and threatened to walk away if Miles did not listen to her. Using some legal karate, Miles knocked down Andi and stole away her entire ownership.

She had no vested interest left in the company and was forced out without a single penny. Andi sued and her claim solely hinged on Andi being able to prove that she was the one who came up with the idea and that the intellectual property belonged to her. Unfortunately, the napkin on which she drew the idea, was lost. She then depended on her friends to testify for her in court but they all turned on her. Because of the above explanation, none of them supported her and she lost the case, and hence, the company.

Who invited Benoit Blanc?

The woman we see come to the port is not actually Andi but Helen, her identical twin sister. She was the one who invited Benoit. She took the box that she found in her dead sister’s house to Benoit. Andi was suspected of having committed suicide but Helen made the claim that she was murdered.

Two days before her body was found, Andi had sent out an email to all the members of the group that she had found the napkin and could prove her ownership to court. This would mean that everyone in the group would go behind bars as they perjured themselves on the stand in the first trial.

Helen wanted Blanc to take the case and solve the murder mystery. But the detective himself thought of the idea of bringing Helen as Andi to make sure that the killer is caught on the island. So, to answer the question, Benoit basically invited himself. And he must be grateful to his notebook that Helen was able to luckily escape the bullet. If not for that, he would have been left with a scar for eternity. The killer shot straight into the book and settled nicely in Helen’s breast pocket, thus saving her life.

How does Helen take revenge for Andi?

Glass Onion admittedly has a very lengthy ending – for what should be perceived as one, at least. It essentially starts from when Blanc starts “peeling back the layers” but we have got a substantial amount already covered above. So here, we will focus from the second we see Helen running to the Glass Onion room and Blanc picking up from his panache-filled revelation of “whodunit”.

Blanc’s passion for solving mysteries showed in how he defiled Miles’ intellect and called him out being a “glorified idiot”. He explains why it took so long for him to figure out the killer. Remember how he told Helen in a flashback that “he is bad at dumb things”? That’s his cue. Blanc says that because the answer hid in plain sight, every “peeling back” of a complex layer led him to a dead end. His monologue runs side by side with Helen discovering the red envelope which has the original napkin in the Glass Onion room.

Blanc recalls all the instances in the film when Miles came off look like a “genius” and intelligent person but he made a lot of mistakes. Using words like “inbrethiate” – which Blanc annoyingly admits is not even a word – and “reclamation” (incorrect usage) was in his own words, “a veritable minefield of malapropisms and factual errors”.

His dock is “a piece of shit”, his wonder fuel is actually disastrous, and he did not get anything done. In the entire film, there were many instances where he proudly claimed that almost everything done around his house was by someone else. That is why there’s so much name-dropping!

What is Miles’ part to play in this?

Miles Bron is not a complicated genius, he is a “vainglorious buffoon”. Duke did not take Miles’ glass; Miles only said he did. But in reality, he had handed him the glass by distracting him with Birdie’s dress spins. And frankly, everyone else as well! So that none of them can spot him doing it! The next thing is Duke’s innocuous statement in the pool. “You almost pancaked me that day near Andi’s house”.

The day when Andi would not answer the group’s calls and would not answer the door, she was already dead. Because Miles had visited her before anyone else in his “Baby Blue” and Duke had seen him on his way there.

Duke was the earliest to reach Andi’s house and that was an important clue as well. But why kill Duke? Admittedly, the big man had no idea that Miles had killed Andi; only that he was there that night. But what eventually gave Miles away were the Google Alerts! When the story was published, he got an alert of Andi’s passing away. The moment he had called Miles to “show him the numbers”, Duke showed him the phone with that news clip. That is why Miles had to kill him. Duke could have blackmailed Miles to put him on Alpha News.

And then Blanc proceeds to tell everyone “how” Miles did it. Pineapple Juice. Whiskey’s hands go straight to her mouth as she realizes what Miles did. Duke was allergic to pineapple juice and Miles purposely puts it in his drink so that he has a reaction and dies of an asphyxiation reaction. It is so dumb; it is not brilliant (unlike Tommy Wiseau’s Room)! There is more frustration for Blanc as he realizes Miles stole his idea to create this web of lies.

Helen has joined in, to everyone’s surprise, and holds up the original napkin. Miles says there is no way to ascertain its authenticity, to which she points to a “glass onion” print at the bottom. The restaurant closed a few years ago and had napkins with their name on them. But Miles is able to shockingly burn the napkin using his lighter.

How does that happen? Go back to Claire and Lionel’s conversation in the pool where the latter gives you the answer. Hydrogen particles are too small and emit out into the environment through leakage. And since they are highly combustible, any semblance of air could give a reaction.

How does Glass Onion end?

The group once again fails Andi when no one dares come forward against Miles to corroborate that he burnt it. It is a repeat of the courtroom scene. Before leaving, Blanc gives something to Helen and says that “I can only give you courage and a reminder of why your sister walked away”. Andi is charged up by that.

She starts breaking all the glass sculptures in the room. Soon enough, the others join in. They are too rubbed off by this energy and go into destruction mode. The final blow comes when she breaks the piano glass and sets it on fire.

Andi then does something even more incredulous. Blanc actually gave her the hydrogen fuel flake that Miles had shown off at the start of the party. Andi throws it into the fire and Miles knows exactly what is coming. His entire house is powered by the fuel and once the energy explosion happens in the piano, it gets sucked in through the vents above and spreads across the island. At a moment’s notice, everything blows up in pieces. But, she is not done yet with the revenge.

Miles claimed famously that he “wanted to be mentioned in the same breath as Mona Lisa”. She and Miles both jump at the lever that props the security glass around the original painting open but she gets there first. She opens it and the painting burns right in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Your fuel of the future just barbecued the most famous painting in the world”. That is how Helen gets revenge for Andi! And now, when he has nothing and will most probably go to jail, the “disruptors” turn on him. Like the leeches they are, they change sides and agree to testify. We see police sirens glow in the distance at sea as Blanc enjoys the fireworks with a cigar.

Do you know what defeated Miles in the end and why this climax is so poetic? He lost everything in the end because of the very thing that got him everything in the first place; the underestimation of people’s ability not to do the right thing but to do the right thing “for themselves”.


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  1. @Charlie: The reason Helen-as-Andi “introduces” herself to Benoit Blanc is, ONLY the killer(s) know(s) she’s probably not Andi, but the twin.
    To everyone else, who has no clue that Andi’s supposedly dead, there’d be no reason to suspect she wasn’t Andi.
    And Benoit Blanc is pretending he got the invite in the puzzle-box.

  2. I still don’t understand why Andi/Helen introduces themselves to Benoit on the island considering they were working together. Is this a mishap on the movies part?

  3. Awesome explanation. The burnt of Mona Lisa got me thinking: What would happened if this had ocurred in real life? If France rented the most famous painting in the world to a billionaire and this painting was destroyed. It would shock the entire world. It would be the death of the France current government.

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